Tuesday, September 30, 2008

On the Road Again!

VENICE?? No, the enchanting waterways are part of the Grand Canal Shopping area in the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas. In the Venetian, they have captured the essence of Italy with the gelato stands, the numerous Italian restaurants and strolling musicians. It's so authentic you truly feel like you're in Venice. Ever been to Vegas? It's a vibrant city with a thundering heartbeat coming from the sounds of the slots and the crys of the excited winners! My friend Linda and I met in Vegas on Sunday evening. We're spending the week here as my belated birthday present. I enjoy going to as Vegas because I love live entertainment and there's no place better to see your favorite star.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Relocating in Retirement

Where do I want to live? That's one of the top questions facing most people when they retire. Florida was the Mecca for our parents and older retirees; so like me, I'm sure that most of you have thought about retiring there at least once. In July 2005, I began searching for my ideal retirement home. I visited Florida (Ocala, Miami, Leesburg), South Carolina (Del Webb Hilton Head) and Texas (Austin, Dallas). It was just too humid for me in the summer in those southern states, so I decided to stay in Colorado. Before calling the moving van, some of the things you should consider are: cost of living; taxes; health care, eduational and job opportunities; living near children & grandkids; leaving family & friends; moving out of the 'family' home; climate, quality of life (theater, churches, sports) and one of the most important, if married --- where does my spouse want to live. I'll be covering those topics in more detail in future blogs. Any questions bugging you about retirement ---- send them to me at Retired.Rosie@gmail.com

The MOTOWN Sound

I've always loved going to concerts since the first time when I went to the Dick Clark Caravan of Stars. Any of you remember that? And most Baby Boomers remember the MOTOWN sound created by fabulous groups like the Shirelles, Supremes and the Miracles. On Thursday night a group of us were treated to a rocking, high energy concert given by 2 of the best - the Temptations and 4-Tops. We started our evening with dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, which has such an extensive menu that it's like reading a small cookbook. The concert was held at the Paramount Theater in downtown Denver. The Temps were my favorite, performing such hits as Ain't too Proud to Beg, Just my Imagination and their biggests hit - My Girl. They were so energizing that the crowd was immediately on it's feet and dancing in the aisle. While most of the audience were Baby Boomers, it was fun to see some of the younger generation there enjoying the MOTOWN Sound.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Texas Holdem

I live in an Active Adult Community near Denver. It's great because there are many opportunities here to play cards. We have several bridge and men's poker groups that meet weekly. Playing cards is a good activity for retirees as it helps to keep your mind sharp and enhances your social life. I've been playing poker and other card games for years. A group of us ladies recently began meeting once a month to play poker. It's a fun, relaxed group and we play several different types of poker games, like Texas Holdem, High Chicago and Omaha. Our community also holds monthly poker tournaments. Last month, 16 players spent a lively evening playing in a Texas Holdem Tournament. I was excited to make the final table and even more thrilled that my poker playing skills held out and I won the Tournament.
If you can't find a local card game, then try a free online game at http://www.pokerstars.com/ where you can sign up and use free play chips to participate in free online games. Another great website for games, crossword puzzles and tons of info on retirement issues is http://www.eons.com/.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Golfing in the Rockies

It’s important to stay active in retirement by finding a sport you love and doing activities that keep you physically fit. I love to spend time in the mountains – golfing and skiing. I drove up to Silverthorne, CO in Summit County on Tuesday morning. It was a perfect fall day – sunny, cool and the aspens painted a yellow and orange collage against a clear blue sky canvas. My friend Judy and I golfed at the Raven Golf Club at Three Peaks. The Raven is a challenging, picturesque 18-hole course set in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. The entire course is surrounded by the beauty of snowcapped peaks; rocky waterfalls and towering aspens. It’s a difficult course that’s quite challenging for a high handicapper like me. But I was thrilled that I made a par on hole #14. After driving over a wide ditch, I managed to miss both the water and sand surrounding the green. I sunk a long putt for par. It was the highlight of my round.

Monday, September 22, 2008


Volunteering is very rewarding and helps fill the hours in retirement. After retiring, I found that many charities want volunteers to commit to one day a week. Since I love to travel frequently, I prefer to take on charitable projects. I just led a project for The Crossing, a homeless shelter in Denver with a goal of collecting over 300 toiletries. Our Heritage Todd Creek Red Hat Chapter supported it. I was so excited because the generous Red Hatters donated over 800 products!!! I'm also working with the Make a Wish Foundation (http://www.wish.org/) . Last week I spoke at a Bartender's Competition held at the Thornton T.G.I.F. Friday's. The other project I'm working on for Make A Wish is to get them listed on the back of the Colorado Tax Return which then makes it so simple to donate. Representative Judy Solano is supporting our efforts.
There's literally hundreds of charities that can use your skills, but if you're stumped when looking for a charity to work with, then check out http://www.volunteermatch.org/ . They match volunteers with charities and help find the perfect fit for your skills.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Welcome to Retirement

It's my first! I'm a virgin at blogging, but not retirement. I've been retired for 4 years. My blog will let you know what's happening in my world; the fun things I do; the exciting trips I've taken as well as keep you posted about what retirement life is like. Seems like everyone can't wait to retire so you work really hard on ensuring your financial security (which is getting tougher to do each year). But how much thought have you given to the rest of retirement --- the physical, emotional, mental, social sides. That's what I want to write about and hear back from you about your feelings & concerns because once you've got the financial end covered, then you can explore what you really want in retirement.

Retired Rosie