Monday, February 7, 2011

Am I crazy or what?

Most of you know I love the mountains.
Did you know that I hate....and I mean truly hate, being cold?

I keep my house so warm that most of my friends compare it to sitting in a sauna and come over in the dead of winter in shorts!

Yet, I love to feeds my soul and brings me joy like no other activity. There's just something so exciting about flying down the hill on a beautiful sunny day.

But, last week Mother Nature truly tested my love affair with skiing when the temperatures in Frisco, CO. where I'm staying hit minus 40 WITHOUT the chill factor.

I couldn't believe it! I've skied for over 42 years and have never experienced such bitter cold. Usually, on the slopes I look as fat as the Pillsbury Dough Boy because I wear a ski suit 2 sizes too big with 6 layers of clothing and that's when it's 15 to 20 degrees outside.

So, there was no way I could hit the slopes last week. Even if I wore everything I owned, I would not have stayed warm.

Yet, I still feel passionate about skiing and can't wait to hit the slopes later this week when the temperature gets above 10 and there's fresh powder carpeting the mountain.

What's that got to do with you and retirement?

Well, what are you passionate about?

What makes your soul sing?

If you don't know.....then start looking now, because being passionate about something will make you feel years younger than your chronological age!!


Thomas C B Chua said...

I cannot agree more with you. Life is for the living. There is plenty of time to be dead. Age is mind over matter. If you don't mind, it does not matter. I'm hitting 60, but then I feel 40 inside me, so still swimming, squashing, "gymning" and golfing on every day that ends with 'y." Viva life. LIVE !!!

dancilhoney said...

What I like the most in the village is now, I play tennis, bowls and darts, we use the gymnasium, and we have functions in the center all the time. lifestyle retirement villages western australia

Steph said...

Great post!

Adam said...

I enjoyed the post, and would add that the definition of retirement has changed with the baby boomers, who are far more passionate as a group than their depression era parents. During the next decade, baby boomers are poised to receive the largest transfer of wealth in the history of our world. By sheer numbers alone, how they use these resources will be a game changer.