Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Gifts of Time

Living on a fixed income?
Is your budget streched to the MAX with no money left for Christmas gifts?

Then why not give the best gift of all -- "your time"!
With most Boomers usually having more time than money, some ideas for giving a gift of your time are:

  • Babysitting
  • Addressing Christmas Cards
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Taking someone to the Doctor
  • Cleaning their home
  • Taking the grand kids for an entire weekend

And truth be told, most Boomers don't need any more clutter around their homes, so if you're trying to find a gift for your parents or older friends - do some of the above.

But if you feel like you just have to buy a gift for a Boomer, then send them some postage stamps! I swear my 84-year-old mom gets more excited about the latest postage stamp than a bouquet of flowers!

And they truly are the perfect gift -- everyone needs them, there are many designs to choose from, but one size fits all and they are easy to send.

The Power of Pets

Boomers can gain many benefits from owning a pet, especially a dog. A pet doesn't care about your faults, only that you take care of them.

  • Pets make you a happier person because of their unconditional love.

  • Loving a pet reduces your stress levels, your blood pressure and even your weight by walking the dog every day.

  • You make new friends by socializing with your fellow dog walkers.

If you'd consider adopting an older dog, check out:

Another site on everything you need to know about buying a dog for a senior citizen is:


Aren't you just a little tired of having to weigh your words for fear of being politically incorrect, especially now? I sure am!!

So, as we celebrate this joyful season, let's not forget that it is "Christ's Birthday" and offer a Merry Christmas to all instead of the politically correct "happy holidays". Just think about it ---- there would be nothing to celebrate had Jesus not been born.

I've been blessed with many fun-filled Christmases, but one of my most memorable was Christmas 1988. I had moved to Germany in September, so it would be the first in 40 years that I would be gone from my family. I was lonely, but went to Italy with some friends. They had a live Nativity scene at the tiny village church where we went to midnight Mass. As we entered the church, the crib was empty; but after the service....just like the miracle of Christ's birth....the crib was filled with a newborn.

I wish you all a joyous, safe and healthy Christmas season with your family and friends.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Book Club

I've always enjoyed reading, but even more so now that I belong to a book club because it has exposed me to several new authors I might not have read.

This month's selection was recommended by one of our members. I was hesitant to start "Firefly Lane" because it's almost 500 pages long. But I decided to begin it on a flight back to Denver. Big mistake!

It's such a fabulous book that I literally couldn't put it down after the I kept reading til almost 3 am! It's the story of 2 girls, Kate & Tully, who become friends at 14. The book follows their life-long friendship and the trials of maintaining their closeness even after each had taken an extremely different path in life.

While some readers may find the plot line predictable and sappy, I loved it because I feel the connection with a life-long friend is such a valuable gift, something not to be taken for granted.

I've known my best friend, Linda, for almost 40 years now and at times it was difficult to maintain the relationship - like when I moved to Germany for 11 years. But, true friends will always find a way to keep connected.

For more reviews:

Make A Wish

Retired --- looking for something rewarding to do with your spare time?

Then, how about becoming a WISH GRANTOR for the Make a Wish Foundation? It's a wonderful way to volunteer your time because you don't have to commit to one day a week. They offer free training and pair you with an experienced WISH GRANTOR for your first few visits.

I completed the training a few months ago and went out on my first "WISH" last weekend. It was fun to meet the young man, talk to him about his interests and what would be his fantasy "WISH". He wanted everything from meeting President Obama to playing basketball with Kobe Bryant.

He finally settled on going to the now it's up to the WISH granting team to pull some strings and make it happen!!

To find a local chapter, go to:

Monday, September 14, 2009


If you're an OPRAH fan, then you know who Dr. Oz is.

It was a little gory the first time I saw him on OPRAH when he showed and explained the difference between normal and diseased body parts. But I love his personality and the ease with which he explains complicated medical problems.

His new show premiered today on your local ABC channel at 3 pm. It was fast-paced, informative and fun.

Check it out:

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Could it happen to you?


What's the first thing that comes to mind when you hear that word?

As a Boomer, I grew up thinking that the term "Homeless" usually applied to a man who was lazy, didn't want to work and probably had a drinking or drug problem.

Boy, have times ever changed! It saddens me that nowadays most of us probably have a relative or friend who's now homeless due to the current job market, stock market losses and perhaps even still due to Hurricane Katrina.

Frankly, I was shocked when I found out that one of my female cousins is homeless. She lost her job in her late 50s, spent all her retirement lump sum payout and while her housing options are at best sporadic, she doesn't want to move back to St. Louis.

It's literally become an epidemic in some states, with entire families being forced to the streets! It's scary to think that some of your kids and grandkids could be just one layoff away from losing their homes.

Want to help out? Go to

Find out want you can do in your community, whether it's helping serve food or collecting toiletries, volunteer. More than anything, it will make you grateful for what you have!

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Friends, the video link below depicting another scam was brought to my attention by one of my readers, Ellie. I feel that Boomers are targeted even more especially when it comes to identity theft and petty crimes so please take a few minutes to watch it!

REMEMBER: NEVER respond to any type of lottery email you receive as the Russian scammers are the worst!

It's your money, so do all you can to protect it!


I recently reviewed an interesting, insightful book, "WHAT I KNOW" by Roger Emerson Fishman which comes out in October.

The book covers topics such as Integrity, Friendship, Personal Choices and Longevity with comments from 10-year old kids to centenarians.

It's an easy, quick read. I really enjoyed the book because it will remind you that what's really important, especially at this age, are family, friends and the simple joys of life!

There are many motivating quotes for us Boomers, such as from Tan Shi Lee, on the secret to a healthy, active long life: "Keep your brain thinking, your body active, and no matter what, keep moving forward!"

For ordering info:

The Montelle Winery

While we're not well-known, like NAPA Valley, there are several good wineries in Missouri.

With my sisters, Ginny & Linda, I spent Labor Day at the Montelle Winery, located in the Augusta Wine District. The Augusta Region was nationally known for its wine during the 19th century, but Prohibition halted the state's wine making for decades.

Then in the late 60's and early 70's, a few adventurous entrepreneurs began to refurbish the old vineyards and buildings of Missouri's wine-growing regions.

The Montelle Vineyards was re-opened in 1970. It sits high on a bluff offering breathtaking views. On summer weekends, there's live music and Sunset Dinners.

We had a great afternoon, enjoying the local wine and dancing!

For more info on Montelles:

To learn more about events in the Missouri Wine Country:

St. Louis Visit

I just returned from a 12-day trip to my hometown - St. Louis. As always, it was hectic but lots of fun visiting with my family and friends.

We ate out daily......the Cheesecake Factory, Macroni Grill, and Massa's, a local's hangout. But my favorite restaurant is the Olive Garden.

I love their Chicken Scampi, which is made in a garlic cream sauce and served over angel hair pasta. It's a light meal which left room for one of their new, mini-sized desserts.

To find a location in your area:

Sunday, September 6, 2009

At the Movies

Usually, I enjoy a Sandra Bullock movie even though she tends to play the same type of character. But this movie is terrible.....not worth your time or money.

No real plot, shallow characters and a very disjointed story line.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Retired Couples

Are you both retired, but being together 24/7 isn't quite what you expected it to be?

Then perhaps it's time to have that conversation about how the 2 of you are going to live the rest of your lives together as a couple. For an excellent article with some great conversation starters, visit the Positive Aging Website at:

Kim Kirmmse Toth offers some insightful advice there on how to address this issue.
You can also sign up for a free subscription to her monthly newsletter.


Are you concerned about renewable alternative energy sources?

If so, then you should be interested to hear that Congress recently passed a law to set a floor for alternative fuel use. Now the EPA is threatening to push biodiesel use backwards.

Biodiesel is a clean burning alternative fuel, produced from domestic, renewable resources such as plant oils, animal fats, used cooking oil. It contains no petroleum. Biodiesel blends can be used in most diesel engines with little or no modifications. It's simple to use, biodegradable and non-toxic.

If you believe that clean, domestic fuels should be part of our National Energy Policy, please take a few minutes and submit a comment at

For additional info on biodiesel, go to:

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I'm still in St. Louis and have spent some time visiting with 2 of my relatives over 90. My 91 year-old aunt is in a re-hab center and frankly, it was really depressing to see her there because I feel the accident that put her there could have been prevented. Her health problems all started with a fall near her front porch.

So, I'd just like to remind you to:

1. Do a safety check, not only in your home, but your parent's place as well.
Make sure that all railings are properly attached; walkway's well lit and clutter-free. Do a complete walk through of every room and look for ways that you can improve their environment. The GOLD VIOLIN Independent Living Catalog is a great source for items that can make life easier for us BOOMERS and our parents.

If you live alone, consider getting a medical alert button. Aunt Betty didn't have one, so she had to crawl up her front steps!

2. WALK....RUN....DANCE......just move every day while you still can. When I see those elderly people stuck in a bed or wheelchair, it makes me want to exercise and play even more. A key factor to maintaining good health as we age is a daily exercise find out what works for you and keep at it at least 5 days a week. Don't forget to work on balancing exercises because that will help prevent falls.


Sunday, August 30, 2009

Adam Lambert


ADAM LAMBERT was all that and more last night at the American Idols concert in St. Louis.

Sure, it's called the American Idols Tour but Adam Lambert steals the show and that's who everyone came to see. The others might as well have been his back-up singers! Until he hit the stage the audience was rather subdued.

When Adam appeared, the crowd went wild! The screams were deafening. Say what you want about the many people dislike him for being gay.......BUT Adam Lambert is the most versatile entertainer I've ever seen. And I've seen them all from my very first concert featuring Bobby Darin in 1960 (anyone remember him?) to Yanni, this year.

Whether he's singing "We are the Champions" or "Tracks of my Tears", the man entertains the crowd like no one else! He's the best I've seen since ELVIS!

Adam Lambert - just remember the name! You'll be hearing a lot more about him.
Check out his videos at:

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

How many candles on your cake?

Don't you just love birthday parties?

My passion for fun BD parties goes back to my childhood. Somehow my overworked mom organized a birthday party for each of us 9 kids with a traditional Italian ricotta cake and lots of relatives at the party.

A very-good friend of mine, Lily, turned 75 this month. Her family threw a huge, western-themed BD party for her. It was quite a shindig with hayrides, a square-dance caller, a DJ complete with a mirrored disco ball for dancing under the stars, games for the kids and even Texas-Hold’em .

What made the event most special were the people....almost 100, ranging in age from 1 to 85. The best-dressed woman at that party was the 85-year-old Boomer!

Hate getting older? Just be glad you’re still on the top side of the dirt and throw yourself a theme party. (p.s. – with all those candles, don’t forget to have the fire extinguisher handy)

Salida, CO

Salida, Colorado is rapidly becoming a hot retirement spot for active Boomers!
It’s a quaint town nestled in the midst of 3 breathtaking mountain ranges, with activities for the most adventurous souls…whitewater rafting, spectacular hiking, mountain biking, and fly fishing.

If you're more culturally minded, Salida has it all with 10 art galleries and a small theater group. I recently went there for the annual Riverside Fine Arts Festival. It was a fun event, with more than 100 artists. What I liked best was the wide variety of art ranging from jewelry to outdoor garden sculptures with most of the art very reasonably priced.

Salida, located just 3 hours from Denver, is great for a weekend getaway. The drive alone is worth the trip…with the scenic views of the Arkansas River and mountains.

For info on upcoming events:

Rocky Mountain Winter Games

Are you a fit Boomer athlete who still has the passion to compete?

If so, then it's not too soon to start thinking about competing in the Rocky Mountain Senior Winter Games scheduled for February 2010.

The tentative schedule for 2010 is: Pasta dinner, Sunday, Feb 21; ice skating and alpine events, Monday, Feb 22, and the Nordic events for Tuesday, Feb. 23, 2010. The pasta dinner and awards will be held at the Senior Center in Frisco Colorado. Mark your calendars and check out the 2009 website for more information on what to expect at the events.

For additional info on the senior summer games scheduled for next June:

Friday, August 14, 2009

Julie & Julia

Entertaining flick!

Streep is just brilliant in this role and steals the movie!

When it comes to transforming herself into a character, there's no one like Meryl Streep!
It's so hard to believe she's the same woman who went from Donna in "Mama Mia" to the nun in "Doubt". Here she effortlessly gives us Julia Child right down to the voice and mannerisms!

Amy Adams gives a good performance as the unfulfilled Julie. But she doesn't quite own that character because while watching her, I saw too many of the same characteristics that she displayed as Giselle in "Enchanted".

Whatever you well before you see the movie or the food will make you feel ravenous!

MY LAST ____________________

I'm retired, but don't feel old yet!

However, living in a retirement community there are many people here 5 to 10 years older than me. It seems lately that I'm hearing a lot of "I just bought my last _____________(car, living room set or house)".

It's just so depressing to hear that!

It makes me feel like they must have an "expiration date" stamped somewhere on their backside, because they know they'll never need another car.

Frankly, I'm a firm believer that your attitude not your chronological age will determine how well you fare in your golden years. When you start thinking like that, you're already programming yourself to die at a certain age.

I just don't get it, because while their thinking in terms of buying their 'last ___________"; I'm busy still trying to figure out how to get my movie made!


I'm a concert junkie and especially love the older rock'n'roll artists not just for their music, but because they're growing old with me.

While Rod Stewart put on a fast-moving show, covering his best, crowd-pleasing hits, he's definitely showing his age (64). He just didn't command the stage like he's done in past concerts and his dance moves were quite stilted. In comparison to Mick Jagger who's even older, he just doesn't measure up. Jagger still struts the stage like a mating peacock!

Still, I'd recommend the concert because Stewart's voice is holding up well. You can just feel his pain in "First Cut is the Deepest". He had the crowd on their feet most of the night and ended the concert with his biggest hit - "Maggie May".

Friday, August 7, 2009

OBAMA's Health Plan

I voted for Obama and supported his platform of "Universal Health Care" because I sincerely believe that everyone should have access to medical care regardless of their income. But now comes the hard part -- what's going to be covered and who's going to pay for it?

As the oldest of 9 kids, things were often financially difficult for my family. We did without a lot of extras, but my parents always stressed the importance of health insurance. They provided medical care for us through Blue Cross (which they paid for) and a medical clinic paid for through my father's union dues. Since we always had our medical needs met, I just assumed that everyone got to go to the doctor or hospital when they were sick.

But as I try to wade through the numerous articles and many emails I've received regarding the confusing Health Care proposal, I have several very serious concerns:

1. Will it cost me more than my current plan?

2. How will the doctors and hospitals absorb the work load created by the sudden influx of new patients?

3. Who's picking up the tab? Will middle American taxpayers bear a larger share of the financial burden?

4. Should abortions be covered? If not, are we penalizing low-income women who may need need one but can't afford it.

5. What about the "right to die" ? Should a final stay in an Euthanasia clinic be covered?

BUT my #1 concern is the potential loss of my freedom in selecting my health care providers and selecting a plan I feel best meets my own needs. That's probably the biggest worry for those of us who have coverage, because under the current legislation being considered in the House, it will eventually force all Americans into a government-approved plan after a 5 year grace period. I'm definitely against that!

How about you?

Have you taken the time to review the Health Care Reform proposals?
Are you concerned enough to contact your representatives? If so, you can find them at:

Let's be sure our opinions are heard during this critical time or we might find ourselves paying a higher price for health care that provides us with less coverage!

Summer Concerts

I love summer concerts! It's just so much fun sitting outside with friends and listening to my favorite acts blasting out their greatest hits.

Recently, I went to see the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band at the Hudson Gardens which is a beautiful outdoor setting in Littleton, CO. A picnic dinner and stroll through the gardens is a great way to spend a Sunday evening. Weekly concerts showcase either local acts or well-known goldie-oldie ones like the Dirt Band.

It was a great show!
I loved it when they did one of my favorites "Mr. Bojangles". They played for 2 hours with no opening act or they definitely pleased the sold-out crowd!


The last few weeks I've been without my laptop and I've just felt so lost without it!! How did we ever get along without all the modern day electronic gadgets that have become essential parts of our everyday existence?

I admit it - I'm addicted.
I love checking email, researching new topics on the Internet, playing the EONs crossword puzzle and now I'm on FACEBOOK which I'm finding is very time consuming. I find it fascinating and am still trying to learn all the bells and whistles, but I love the challenge. It's really fun to hear from friends that have been buried in the woodwork for years........and I'd go, "Wow, I wonder what happened to...." and now I know.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cape Coral

We spent Tuesday morning looking at homes in Cape Coral. The area is well located near Ft. Myers.

While we found several very reasonably priced - $75,000 to $89,000 - older homes in good shape, I decided that the area just felt too "old". Even with me being retired, I would not want to be in an area where the average age looks to be about 75 and where I couldn't find big name entertainment.

Cape Coral's economy is severely depressed. But if you have a retirement income or can get a job in the health care industry, consider looking here as there definitely are some great housing bargains!

CIAO Ristorant

To celebrate my sister Ginny's birthday we drove to Naples last night and had a fabulous dinner at Ciao Ristorante, located near the famous 5th Avenue South Shopping District.

Italian born restaurant owner, Chef Gianfranco Loreti prepared a scrumptious meal. Ginny had a fresh shrimp and lobster pasta dish and I tried the pasta filled with ricotta cheese and black truffles, served with Alfredo sauce.

I'd highly recommend this restaurant not only for the food, but the ambiance and friendly waiters.

After dinner, we met Chef Loreti and talked about our love of Italy as our paternal grandparents were born in Sicily which we visited in September 1995.

That was definitely my favorite trip as we met many Sicilian relatives, but best of all we actually found the home my Grandma Rosa was born in.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Cape Coral, FL

Traditionally, Florida's been one of the favorite states for BOOMERs to relocate to in retirement. In the past few months, I've seen real estate expert, Barbara Corcoran, several times on the TODAY Show just raving about the fabulous home deals in Cape Coral, FL.

She bragged so much about the area that I just had to see for myself if the bargains were, my sister, Ginny, and I are spending the week here checking out the area and homes.

Being a retired BOOMER, I wanted a reasonably priced hotel; but of course, right on the beach! I love it when there's "truth in advertising" because the Neptune Inn - delivered everything that was promised on it's website and more. It's right on the ocean with breathtaking views, clean beach area, spacious rooms and friendly help!

Tomorrow we're spending the day looking at homes in Cape Coral. I've spent hours researching properties here and the 2 most important factors should you decide to consider the area are:
possible problems with Chinese drywall in homes built after 2003 and extremely high unpaid assessments for water and sewer.

For more buying tips from Barbara:

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Country at it's BEST!

I'm a concert junkie!
Ever since my cousin Lydia took me to see Elvis when I was 8, I've been hooked. I love the energy of the crowd and seeing an artist perform my favorite songs in person!

Like most Boomers, I was raised on Rock'n'Roll, so it too me a long time to really like and appreciate Country Music. I just didn't care for that twangy sound and the songs were all so depressing, filled with nothing but heartbreak. Then, I heard Alan Jackson and got hooked on Country. Last night, I was so excited to get to see 2 of my favorite Country stars -- Keith Urban with SUGARLAND as the opening act.

SUGARLAND put on an entertaining set filled with many of their greatest hits. The dynamic duo well-deservingly won the 2009 CMT Duo of the year Award. Jennifer Nettles voice was best highighted in her haunting rendition of one of my favorites "STAY".

Keith Urban was a fireball of energy the minute he hit the stage! He performed an electrifying set including a variety of songs from all his CDs. It's obvious that he has a mutual love affair with his enthusiastic fans. Early in his set, he jumped off the stage, struggled to get thru the fans on the floor, then performed several songs at a small stage up at back of the Pepsi Center. The crowd went wild!

To check out Keith Urban's tour schedule:

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Property Taxes

As we Boomers age, I think it's important not only to look for ways to make extra money, but also how to save it!

Most states reassess property valuations every 2 years and some even every year.

Have you noticed though that in the past 2 to 3 years, the Assessor's Offices have NOT dropped prices in proportion to what properties are really selling for?

I'm now working on my 2nd appeal in 2 years on my home. The first one resulted in a 10% per year tax savings for 2 years.

This time I'm really mad because I found out that many of my neighbor's received a 20% to 30% reduction in their tax bill, yet mine was only 3%. It's too complicated a story for here, but suffice it to say that I feel very strongly that I am being penalized for having successfully appealed my 2007 Valuation.

Take the time to review your property tax bills now!

When was the last time that your home was re-assessed to reflect the current low market values? If you don't know where to start, then go to the County Assessor's Office as all valuation data is public info and you can then get the comparison data you need to file an appeal.

Pay close attention to the Appeal deadline as most Assessor's Offices won't budge on it.
Gotta run as my Appeal is due tomorrow!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Question EOB Payments

As we age, most Baby Boomers will incur ever increasing medical bills. If you're under 65, then you can't qualify for Medicare, so at best you're still liable for probably 15% to 20% of preferred providers' bills and even more for other doctors outside of your medical network.

I've incurred thousands in medical bills over the past year and have had to fight the insurance company because they would not pay a "reasonable rate" for non-provider doctors.

I recently read that this is a common practice in the health insurance industry. They have been using an outdated database that overcharges patients for seeing doctors outside their insurance network; in turn, costing us billions of dollars for payments the meidcal insurer should have made.

That inaccurate database is run by Ingenix which in January agreed to pay over $350 million to settle allegations that it intentionally kept rates low. Many independent insurers used Ingenix to determine a typical average cost for care outside their network, thus subjecting over 100 million Americans to excessive costs for their portion of the bill.

I can't tell you the countless hours I've spent in the past year fighting with my insurance company. It really makes me furious that so many of us Boomers have paid medical insurance premiums for years, only to have to then argue with the provider to get a fair and equitable payment when we need a specialist!

It's your don't hesitate to challenge your insurance company's calculation of what you owe on your EOB(Explanation of Benefits).

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Michael Jackson

Okay, I admit it!

I watched the Michael Jackson Memorial yesterday, but mainly to see the incredible performances by so many big name stars.
Jennifer Hudson was just outstanding! Her performance gave me chills and further proved that American Idol viewers were wrong when they voted her off early in the season.

But there were several things that really bothered me!

While I strongly feel that a person is innocent until proven guilty and Jackson was cleared of all charges, the saint-like send off he was given was just too much. Of all the speakers, only Barry Gordy, MOTOWN President, briefly acknowledged Jackson's troubled past. Being Catholic, I would've sworn the other speakers were making their case for his sainthood. And if I were a Californian, I'd be even madder that the state funded the security...........shouldn't Jackson's estate be hit with a bill for it?

Jackson was a phenomenal entertainer, making many significant contributions to advancing the music industry, especially MTV. But come on -- calling him the best entertainer ever, the King of all entertainers. In my book he'll never own that title.

As any Baby Boomer knows, there's only one King.........and that's Elvis!

Computer Addict

Have you wondered how you ever got along without it?

I can't even imagine my life now without my laptop.

So, as an addicted user, it's been a tough 2 weeks. My computer is still not fully functional and even though I had backed up all my files and reloaded them, the operating system still refuses to recognize me, so I can't open anything. Damn, it's been so frustrating!

Then I went out of town for 4 days over the 4th holiday weekend and barely survived without any computer access. That's been the longest stretch in the past 10 years that I've gone without being online and I truly suffered from it won't happen again!

What about you? What high-tech item can't you live without?

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Looking for a website where you can play "brain games" for free?

Then check out EONS. It's a great website for Boomers who are looking for a mental challenge.
It's a versatile website offering not only games such as the LA Crossword Puzzle, Trivial Pursuit and Jeopardy, but also has several groups you can join based on your interests and hobbies.

UNDY 5000 - Pics

Here's our group who walked in the UNDY 5000.
TOP ROW: Ruth, me in the middle, Eddie
BOTTOM ROW: Terry, Mary (the Survivor) and Marie

Mary's wearing her "Survivor's Hat", having beat the BIG C.

Here we are at the FINISH LINE, having just completed the 3 mile walk!

So, don't forget, no buts about it---get your butt checked out now!

Madoff & Me

I know I'm one of the lucky ones because I had not invested any of my hard-earned money with Madoff and I do know where my money is.

Those investors are looking to the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) to reimburse them for their losses and may eventually receive up to $500,000.

Having lost over $100,000 of my own money in the 2000 market crash, I can certainly empathize with them. Yet, I never received a check from the Federal Government to cover my losses and at the rate of $3,000 per year I may not live long enough to recoup those losses. That financial set-back forced me to go into retirement with a large house payment, something I had hoped to avoid.

In my book, it's just not fair that those investors should be reimbursed for their losses from Uncle Sam.

You know none of them complained when they received huge yearly dividend checks from Madoff. Surely, some of them should have questioned "How can Madoff pay me a 10 to 12% return on my investment, when the rest of the market was paying only 3% or 4%? "

But none of them did, because they loved those consistently high yields. Since they received such large payments for so many years.....when all the accounting is done, I'm sure their NET LOSS will not be close to what they are claiming they loss.

So, fellow taxpayers.............what do you think? Should our tax dollars go to bailout those investors?

Monday, June 29, 2009

The BIG "C" and You

Friends, while this may be an unpleasant subject, I sincerely hope it will prompt you into action.
If you are a BOOMER and have not had a colonoscopy, then what are you waiting for?
One of my best friends, Mary, waited way too long after she turned 50 and finally went to the DR only after it became obvious that she had some serious health problems.

As fate would have it, she had the BIG "C"......colon cancer!! I'm so happy to tell you that after surgery and chemo treatments my good friend is still around and enjoying life.

On Saturday, I walked with her and about 800 others in the UNDY 5000 to support the survivors of colon cancer. It was a beautiful walk through City Park in Denver. During the Awards Ceremony, we were asked to encourage at least 1 person to get an exam.

So, if you're reading this......JUST DO IT! Also, please ask your loved ones over 50 to do the same. Here's the link to find out if there's an "UNDY 5000" in your area:

P.S......whatever you do, if your DR tells you to get a sigmoidoscopy and it doesn't hurt....that's total BS. From my own painful experience, make them put you out even for that procedure.

Friday, June 26, 2009

ICONIC Passings

When I first heard of Farrah Fawcett's death yesterday, I was saddened as I felt she was courageous in sharing her journey of the past few years in fighting the big "C". It seems to me that most of the time when a star shares their personal experiences, it's nothing more than a self-serving attempt to gain some press time.

But a few weeks ago I watched her TV special and felt that she genuinely exposed her illness to help others. Stars also have that affect on people -- by sharing a personal illness sometimes more people will become proactive about their health care, get yearly health check-ups and perhaps, catch a major health issue sooner than later.

The King of Pop!
On the other hand, later in the day when I heard about Michael Jackson, at first I thought it was just a spoof. It didn't seem real; if couldn't be real........especially in light of his upcoming UK Tour. Like the rest of the world, I was truly shocked!

While he was cleared of his crimes in court, like most people I felt there was more to his odd behavior with and affection for little children. One can't help but wonder if the abuse and fear he suffered at the hands of his domineering, money-hungry father weren't the primary contributing factors in the creation of his obviously warped adult-lifestyle that centered around a Peter Pan-like environment. BUT Michael Jackson was cleared of those criminal charges, so I hate to see major networks like CNN and MSNBC re-hashing those cases

The emotionally-stilted, financially broke artist is dead. Give him a break!

Why can't the press concentrate on his music. No one can deny the major musical contributions he made and his generosity in helping others. For example, donating all the proceeds of "We are the World" to those in need in Africa.

While people will continue to say negative things about Jackson's personal life, he will always shine as the consumate performer who left his fans begging for more!

Movie Week

With all the bad weather here in Denver last week .....the tornado sightings and torrential rains turning parts of I-25 into small streams..........I took in several of the latest movies.

In rank order from my favorite to the worst:

I love 'chick flicks'! Sandra Bullock was her usual charming self and Ryan Reynolds held his own playing her love interest. If you're a Bullock fan, parts of the movie near the end will definitely remind you of her role as Lucy in "While You Were Sleeping". It's a funny, enjoyable movie and deserving of more stars than some critics gave it.

Movie Review:

Intense, fast-paced flick with Travolta and Washington delivering exceptional performances. Travolta plays the hardened, remorseless criminal to a T and Denzel delivers an emotionally charged performance as the disgraced Metro worker. I liked it!

Movie Review:

I have to admit I only went to see "Imagine That" as it was shot in Denver in late '07 and I had a background role as an extra so I was dying to see if I made the movie or ended up on the cutting room floor. Turned out that both scenes I appeared in were in the movie, but they went by so fast that I couldn't really find myself.

But that experience taught me why movies are so expensive to make! We shot for 14 hours that day and got about 1.5 minutes of usable footage. And for all that work......a mere $85, no star sighting as Eddie Murphy wasn't shooting that day, but still it was a fun experience!
Movie Review:,,20284277,00.html

Computer Woes!

Most of us BOOMERs are comfortable with computers, but aren't knowledgeable about their inner workings.

If you're like me, then you just expect your computer to boot up the minute you turn it on...........and when it doesn't you panic!!

Again, I have some major computer problems which started late Wednesday evening, so I was up til 2:30 am Thursday trying to figure it out. I worked on it again all day Thursday and was pretty proud of myself as it seemed like I had restored most of my files.

But OH NO..........when I turned on my system this morning, it did not recognize me as the system's OWNER or Administrator. Instead, I'm just considered a 'temp user' which is pretty insulting on your own computer. Even worse, my entire hard drive was set up by Circuit City which is now out of business!

So, here's a few tips to help you avoid what I'm going thru:

1. Know who was set up as the primary system's USER and who has administrator control.

2. Learn how to manually restore your log on control as Administrator.

3. Learn how to re-store your system back to a date when everything worked. New computers do not come with a handbook but tell you that instructions and help are available online. I still haven't figured out how I'm supposed to look up help online, when I can't even log on. Drop me a line if you have!

4. If you have in-store personnel set up your new system, then have them give you in writing just what has been done to your computer; what programs are on it; and who's been given access.

I'm so frustrated as today I'm still working with limited access. I hope to have it fully operational by Saturday as one of my 'computer-type' friends is going to take a look at it.

If you need help, then call the Geek Squad who are available 24 hours a day.

P.S...........This is the 3rd time I've lost a hard, thank God, at least this time, I have most of my files backed up on an external hard drive.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Last night I went to see the"Yanni Voices" concert.

The fast-paced show began with my favorite Yanni song, "Reflections of Passion", which is a sensuous tune. It was the perfect song to start the show.

I first saw Yanni about 14 years ago, when he looked so mystical with the long hair and halo-like lighting behind him. That was a magical concert with just his music. I was thrilled to meet and talk with him at a private party after that concert!

While the "Voices" concert last night was a visual feast with the high-tech lighting, costumes and 4 attractive singers, I didn't enjoy it as much as the previous one. The singers were excellent, but most of the songs were in Spanish or Italian.

If you're a die-hard Yanni fan like me, then be prepared for a total departure from what you've seen before! You have to do a double-take because he looks nothing like he did when he toured in the '90s. Then, during a few of the numbers the costumes were too revealing and the dance movements with a female singer writhing on top of his piano were just too sexual for a Yanni concert.
Still, I'd recommend seeing it!

is offering some $10 tickets for the remainder of the tour. To find out if he'll be in your area and see the new singers, go to:

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Not Sleeping?

Do you snore loudly?

Do you wake up suddenly at night?

Are you still tired when you wake up?

Then you might be suffering from sleep apnea!

I recently found out that I might have sleep apnea so last week I went to a sleep clinic. I know there have been a lot of jokes about sleep clinics on sit coms like Seinfeld, but sleep disorders can cause many health problems.

The term ‘sleep study’ is really an oxymoron because I didn’t much sleep. I was hooked up to 26 electrodes, cameras recorded my every move and every hour or so the technician would yell over the intercom an order to “sleep on my back” or “roll over”.

The most difficult part of the test was when I was awaken at 4 a.m. and had to be hooked up to a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAC) mask because my breathing had stopped for several seconds. I don’t have the final results yet, but I’m hoping that there will be an alternate solution as the mask was so confining I almost had an anxiety attack! It was like trying to sleep with a scuba mask on my face.

BOOMERS who are overweight, still have their tonsils or have spent years smoking are prime candidates for sleep apnea. Check it out at: If there’s any chance you have it, please consult your doctor immediately.

Free Gift Scam

I thought I was too smart to fall for a free gift scam, but I did and got billed for supposedly "free" gifts.

The offer I received came from PEOPLE Magazine. I was offered an assortment of free gifts since I had been a 'valuable subscriber' for over 10 years.

I read and re-read the offer and while skeptical, it seemed legit because I did not have to give a credit card number or send money. There wasn't anything that I really wanted, but if it was free, why not?

Well, this morning I was shocked that I had been billed over $140.00 on my credit card for these "free" gifts when I had not signed anything nor authorized a payment. After 5 phone calls, I got the charges removed, but what a hassle.
SO BEWARE! I learned that if the magazine company has your credit card number from a previous subscription order, then they can charge you even without your signature.

For additional info on scams: