Friday, August 7, 2009

OBAMA's Health Plan

I voted for Obama and supported his platform of "Universal Health Care" because I sincerely believe that everyone should have access to medical care regardless of their income. But now comes the hard part -- what's going to be covered and who's going to pay for it?

As the oldest of 9 kids, things were often financially difficult for my family. We did without a lot of extras, but my parents always stressed the importance of health insurance. They provided medical care for us through Blue Cross (which they paid for) and a medical clinic paid for through my father's union dues. Since we always had our medical needs met, I just assumed that everyone got to go to the doctor or hospital when they were sick.

But as I try to wade through the numerous articles and many emails I've received regarding the confusing Health Care proposal, I have several very serious concerns:

1. Will it cost me more than my current plan?

2. How will the doctors and hospitals absorb the work load created by the sudden influx of new patients?

3. Who's picking up the tab? Will middle American taxpayers bear a larger share of the financial burden?

4. Should abortions be covered? If not, are we penalizing low-income women who may need need one but can't afford it.

5. What about the "right to die" ? Should a final stay in an Euthanasia clinic be covered?

BUT my #1 concern is the potential loss of my freedom in selecting my health care providers and selecting a plan I feel best meets my own needs. That's probably the biggest worry for those of us who have coverage, because under the current legislation being considered in the House, it will eventually force all Americans into a government-approved plan after a 5 year grace period. I'm definitely against that!

How about you?

Have you taken the time to review the Health Care Reform proposals?
Are you concerned enough to contact your representatives? If so, you can find them at:

Let's be sure our opinions are heard during this critical time or we might find ourselves paying a higher price for health care that provides us with less coverage!

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