Sunday, August 30, 2009

Adam Lambert


ADAM LAMBERT was all that and more last night at the American Idols concert in St. Louis.

Sure, it's called the American Idols Tour but Adam Lambert steals the show and that's who everyone came to see. The others might as well have been his back-up singers! Until he hit the stage the audience was rather subdued.

When Adam appeared, the crowd went wild! The screams were deafening. Say what you want about the many people dislike him for being gay.......BUT Adam Lambert is the most versatile entertainer I've ever seen. And I've seen them all from my very first concert featuring Bobby Darin in 1960 (anyone remember him?) to Yanni, this year.

Whether he's singing "We are the Champions" or "Tracks of my Tears", the man entertains the crowd like no one else! He's the best I've seen since ELVIS!

Adam Lambert - just remember the name! You'll be hearing a lot more about him.
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