Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I'm still in St. Louis and have spent some time visiting with 2 of my relatives over 90. My 91 year-old aunt is in a re-hab center and frankly, it was really depressing to see her there because I feel the accident that put her there could have been prevented. Her health problems all started with a fall near her front porch.

So, I'd just like to remind you to:

1. Do a safety check, not only in your home, but your parent's place as well.
Make sure that all railings are properly attached; walkway's well lit and clutter-free. Do a complete walk through of every room and look for ways that you can improve their environment. The GOLD VIOLIN Independent Living Catalog is a great source for items that can make life easier for us BOOMERS and our parents.

WEBSITE: http://www.goldviolin.com/
If you live alone, consider getting a medical alert button. Aunt Betty didn't have one, so she had to crawl up her front steps!

2. WALK....RUN....DANCE......just move every day while you still can. When I see those elderly people stuck in a bed or wheelchair, it makes me want to exercise and play even more. A key factor to maintaining good health as we age is a daily exercise program......so find out what works for you and keep at it at least 5 days a week. Don't forget to work on balancing exercises because that will help prevent falls.


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Anonymous said...

Balance: I recommend yoga, or tai chi each day. Either a full blown regiment, or just an excercise or two while waiting for a page to download from a website, or during a commercial break while watching TV. I'm a big advocate for balance practice. No walker for me, thank you very much!