Monday, September 14, 2009


If you're an OPRAH fan, then you know who Dr. Oz is.

It was a little gory the first time I saw him on OPRAH when he showed and explained the difference between normal and diseased body parts. But I love his personality and the ease with which he explains complicated medical problems.

His new show premiered today on your local ABC channel at 3 pm. It was fast-paced, informative and fun.

Check it out:

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Cake Decorating Ideas said...

Since I don't watch Oprah, I had never heard of Dr. Oz. I caught his first show simply because it came on after Days Of Our Lives and I hadn't turned off the TV yet. I admit it, I was totally hooked! There's something very appealing about his no-nonsense approach to things most of us are too embarrassed to ask about. May he have a long run in TV land.