Saturday, December 31, 2011

Mission Impossible

EXCITING, FAST-PACED MOVIE! I loved this movie. It was exhilarating from the first few scenes and the pace never let up.

Boomers all remember the TV series - Mission Impossible - which always reminded me of a high-action version of the TV show "BEAT THE CLOCK". I'm still a big Tom Cruise fan and I think he's done an exceptional job in bringing the flavor and suspense of the series to the big screen. As with all MI movies, there definitely has to be a suspension of belief because the plot line at times is implausible and the stunt scenes too unrealistic. So if you're looking for a thrilling movie for this holiday weekend; this one's worth your time. For a more detailed review, check out the NY Times review at:

My Family

Doesn't being with your family seem more important at this time of the year?

For me, it definitely is because as far back as I can remember the holiday season meant seeing all my relatives and feasting on delicious Italian foods such as home made sausage, cookies and cannolis. My father was a butcher so making the sausage was a holiday tradition that my friends would love to come to. It was special too because he used an antique sausage grinder that had been my grandfather's.

My parents had 9 kids, 13 grand kids and currently, 7 great grand kids with more in the making.
Being Italian, we're so loud that I feel like I have to pass out earplugs to non-family members. But we know how to party and one time when I was just 13, we had a New Year's Eve party that went on for 3 days.

What I love most is that we established traditions, that are now being passed on to the 4th generation!

So how about you? What holiday traditions have you passed on that you would like to make sure your family continues long after your gone?

p.s. - That's only about half of my family in that 2011 Christmas picture.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Descendants

I love movies and will go to see one just because of the leading man - in this case, George Clooney - in "THE DESCANDENTS" which was highly touted as one of the best movies of the year. I strongly disagree. It was so boring that I almost fell asleep within the first 20 minutes and would have left except I was there with a friend.

It definitely was not his best acting effort as some critics claimed, as I did not feel any sympathy for his character just because his wife was in a coma and had cheated on him. From the very beginning, he seemed selfish and very detached from and unaware of major issues within his own immediate family.

Also, he had pressure from his other family members over a potential land sale, but it's difficult to feel bad for a guy who's worth millions. The best thing I can say for the movie is that it was set in Hawaii.

For an opposing view - here's the NY Times review --

Never Give Up!!

Several months ago I wrote about Tony Fields who's still pursing his dream of a full time singing career. Tony & my good friend, Carol Tedrow have produced an inspirational video based on the song that they co-wrote in honor of Carol's husband who died from cancer almost 3 years ago. Please take a few minutes to view it and pass the link on to any of your friends who are suffering from this terrible disease.
I hope it will motivate them to continue their battle.
Please check out the links below as a portion of the proceeds from the video and CD will go to support the fight against cancer. Thanks so much!

Never Give Up Video

Hope Distribution Website where you can order the video & CD.

As If It were Yesterday!

Have you ever attended a highschool reunion?

Until this year, it seemed like something more pressing always popped I missed my 10th, 25th & 40th reunions. Plus I left St. Louis more than 20 years ago and had lost contact with most of my friends from Hazelwood High School.

But when the 45th reunion was announced I decided I wanted to go and reconnect with some of my best friends from high school.

It was so much fun!! We had a casual get-together on Friday night at one of the local bars that played music from the '60s and we had a lot of fun dancing the night away.

Over 140 classmates attended the Saturday night function at the Bogey Hills Country Club. What I loved about seeing my old friends is that the conversation picked up with them just as if it were yesterday. We had a great time reminiscing about the good old days which were so aptly depicted in the TV show "HAPPY DAYS".

One of my best memories was skipping lunch and dancing every day in the Student Union. It also saddened me to learn of the death of many of my classmates who were just a young 63!

If you get the chance, go to your next reunion. It's a wonderful walk down memory lane!

Merry CHRISTmas

Dear Readers

I awoke this morning and felt compelled to write about putting CHRIST back into CHRISTmas as it seems that most people today yell out "HAPPY HOLIDAYs" to be politically correct. They have forgot the true meaning of Christmas which is "CHRIST's Birthday".

I don't know about you, but frankly, I'm just tired of it! In Denver this year they had the decorations out even before Thanksgiving and then the retailer's create such a mass frenzy with BLACK FRIDAY that I hate how commercialized CHRISTmas has become. It just seems like the retailers are fast forwarding the holidays so that they can ring in more sales early and make their bottom line look good.

Whether you believe the story of the Virgin Birth or not, CHRIST was born andCHRISTmas should be a time of being with your family, forgiving those you feel have hurt you and sharing your blessings with those less fortunate................and let's face it, this year there are many families I'm sure right in your own neighborhood who could use some help.

So I challenge you for the next 2 days to greet everyone you meet with a "Merry CHRISTmas" and let someone else be politically correct!!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

DOW Down - feeling DIZZY, too?

Are you as 'dizzy' as I am trying to survive the dips in the DOW?

As a kid, I loved amusement parks, but hated the roller-coaster. Oh, I tried several over the years but always came off it with a queasy stomach and promise to never try it again.

BUT isn't that just like what we're going through again with the Stock Market??? We survive one crisis, only to get back in the Market?
I fared well in the crash of 2008 and managed to sell a few stocks this time prior to Monday's crash.........but still I can't shake that sick-to-my-stomach feel every time I turn on CNN.
As a Boomer who depends on interest and dividend income, I find this situation so upsetting because you can't seem to make money anywhere nowadays.

So, Boomers tell me......what are you doing with your extra money nowadays with CDs paying ZIP and the market in total chaos?

Any ideas where I can make some good interest income?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Warning - New Active Adult Communities

It's going on 3 months now that my home has been FOR SALE and frankly, it's been an exhausting process to keep it "show ready". I continually get positive feedback from prospective buyers, with the only complaint being 'no basement'.

The main lesson I've learned from buying in a new Active Adult Community is to make sure your contract doesn't include the clause "subject to builder's discretion, product line make-up of community can change".

In their lingo, 'product line' means the type of homes built in your community - like attached villas versus single family homes. That was my biggest mistake in buying in this community as the builder significantly deviated from the original plan for 4-plex homes with no basements by reducing the number from 200 down to 20! That makes my home without a basement seem like an oddity, when in fact it's a perfect home for a single Boomer or snowbird couple.

So, as many of my friends here in Colorado have thanked me for being able to learn from my can too! I'd highly recommend buying a re-sale property in a completely sold out community. While buying in a built out subdivision, you might pay a little more than if you got in on the ground floor; at least you'll know what the completed project looks like and can better determine what homes in that area will resell the quickest.


If you want sun and adventure in your retirement destination, then check out Baja Sur, Mexico. Tourism is booming with the area concentrating on attracting more people from the East Coast to check it out as a permanent retirement spot.

Due to its unique position as the second largest port for cruise ships, Los Cabos plans to offer a wide variety of boating and golf activities for residents and tourists alike. According to ex-pats, they love the fact that the communities south of the border, such as La Mission, offer retirees affordable medical and health care, with both office visits and prescriptions being less expensive.

Recently, 70 U.S. expats now living in Baja met at the Rosarito Beach Hotel to discuss ways to promote Baja as many have been Americans are concerned about violence. Truth is that violence occurs only in about 5% of the country and not in Baja.

In addition to the vibrant social life with options ranging from a local Theatre Guild to concerts, golf resorts, and a constant variety of festivals and rodeos. For the more active sportsmen, Baja also has some of the best surfing and fishing in the world and marinas to support their hobbies.
For additional info about the area check out:

Friday, June 17, 2011

Snow Birds Wanted!!

I've had my home on the market for 6 weeks now and feel like I'm living in a museum as I've got to constantly keep it "show ready"!

I could have sold it at least 3 times but then usually the husband asks "Honey, where's the steps to the basement?"

I don't have a basement and never realized it was such a big deal as I get along fine without one.
I keep hearing things like - "I can't give up that antique bed as my mother was born in it." or "Where will I put the boxes of my kid's schoolwork?" And it doesn't even matter that those kids are now in their 40s!

It's been extremely frustrating as I can fix or offer a discount for almost any other problem area, but I can't dig a basement so I need your help!

At 1240 sq ft, my home is considered small nowadays, which to me is ridiculous as the first home we bought when I got married was only 1100 st ft and that was plenty of room for 2 people. BUT, we've all gotten accustomed to McMansions that would house 8 people (even though there's just 2 or 3 in the family) and most people don't want to downsize even in retirement.

So, if you live in Florida, Arizona or anywhere else that's just too damn hot in the summer or have a friend who'd like to live in a beautiful, Active Adult Community in Colorado, please check out my listing! (I'd even sell it fully furnished!) It's a HOA maintained villa in Heritage Todd Creek with gorgeous views of the golf course and mountains! It's the perfect home for a single person or snow bird couple!


Thank God - I don't have many addictions as I managed to avoid the drug-induced haze of the '60s (too busy studying) and I have never even smoked one cigarette!

BUT, I admit it - I'm a "concert junkie".

My habit started way back in 1956 when I was 8 years old and my older cousins - Roslyn, Lydia & Ginny - took me to my first concert to see Elvis in St. Louis. I wasn't quite sure what all the screaming was about but I loved the music.

After that, I couldn't stop -- there was Bobby Darin, Paul Anka, the Supremes, Dick Clark Caravan of Stars, Ike & Tina, Rod Stewart, Sonny & Cher. I'm so lucky as I've seen the best rockers and the list goes on. BUT, when Elvis died I had to find a new rock idol and thanks to my sister Ginny, it's definitely Bon Jovi.

You might think I'm crazy because I've waited in line over 8 hours just to get into a Bon Jovi concert in Mannheim Germany; then left because the crowd was totally out of control and I feared getting killed in the stampede to the stage!

I even created a 10 minute video to try and win a Bon Jovi European Tour Manager's contest which of course I lost to a much younger chick. In October 2007, Ginny and I flew to New Jersey to see him open the Staples Center there.

So, it certainly didn't seem unreasonable when she asked me to fly to St. Louis in May to see his last USA 2011 tour date. See, he hadn't been in St. Louis in more than 10 years and the die-hard fans started a viral petition - emails, Facebook, Twitter - you name it. They took to the INTERNET and virtually demanded a Bon Jovi concert.

Even without Richie Sambora, it was one of my top 5 concerts as I think the band tried even harder to give a great concert! The visual effects were taken to another dimension with a jumbo tron screen that broke into smaller sections, then scrolled around to the back of the stage to create another performance venue for him. He needed a second stage - because those St. Louis fans came through -- the entire arena --even the area behind the stage was sold out!!
Check it out for yourself:

Rock of Ages

Baby Boomers like me rocked to the oldies but goodies of the '50s and '60s, but I also love the music of Journey and Bon Jovi born of the pop-metal music decade of the '80s.

Last night I saw Rock of Ages at the Buell Theater. It's a high-energy, arena worthy musical set in Hollywood with a skeleton-thin plot revolving around the romance of Drew & Sherrie.

Constantine Maroulis, former American Idol contestant, plays the lead of Drew. He owned it --easily shifting his character's personality from the cock-sure attitude of a rock star to a love-sick puppy dog when rebuffed by Sherrie.

But the music is the primary character of the play. From the minute the cast hits the stage, the music transports you to that feel-good era best portrayed by Journey's song, "Don't Stop Believing", made popular again by the show - GLEE. Those lyrics offer hope to anyone who has ever been in love or is willing to take that risk again. Check out the best version by Journey at

So if you love the concert scene, then you're in for a fabulous trip down Nostalgia Lane, with great hits like "Sherrie", "Harden my Heart" & "I Want to Know What Love Is.

For ticket info:

Sunday, May 8, 2011


If you're a Boomer and still have your mom, well then you're blessed just like I am!

I know --- everyone thinks they had the best mom in the world, but I'm so confident that I'd put my mom up against any one's.

She had 9 kids (5 boys & 4 girls) in less than 12 years (no twins). And the 9th baby was born when she was only 34!!

She survived a tough younger life, being one of 8 and living through the Great Depression. We often heard stories about the Depression when for months all she had to eat was bread and tomatoes as well as her life during WWII (the Big One), when downtown St. Louis was open 24 hours a day and she often went out dancing all night!

So today, I'd like to honor her for being the wonderful mom she was and still is. Somehow, she found the time to be there for all 9 of us; often, getting by on as little as 5 hours sleep for days in a row. At one point, we thought she was a short order cook, because if you didn't like what she made for dinner; she'd find the time to make something special for you. And you can just imagine all the loads of wash she did on an old, manual Maytag washer!

At 85, she's in good health, lives at home and cooks for herself. She still enjoys reading and spending time with her grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

So, Boomer friends, take the time today to remember your special mom whether she's still here with you or with God!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

It's listed!

I did it!

I listed my home last no turning back now. I really love my home, but my adventurous spirit yearns for a new, freer lifestyle divided between St. Louis, the beach and the mountains.

Thank God though I'm retired because keeping a home 'show ready' is almost a full time job. I feel like I'm living in a museum.............and when the real estate agent started staging my home, well, I felt like I was being stripped naked!

She took down about 25 pictures leaving me with a mess of nail holes to putty over and then paint. Her words "it's got to be neutralized so people can visualize their "STUFF" in it". See, it's always about someone's "STUFF"! I already tamed it down by painting my bright purple wall back to it's original off white. At one point I had to tell her to just STOP!! It got to be almost too much for me because I'm not going to live in a half-empty home until it sells.

It's hard though, because when someone rejects your home, it feels like they are rejecting you........after all, I picked it. The #1 feedback complaint I get is that "it doesn't have a basement". Well, guess what...........there's nothing I can do about that. But with the spectacular golf course and mountain views, I'm hoping it's a quick sell.

So, if you know anyone who would love to live in a Resort-Style Active Adult community near Denver, then I've got the perfect home for them so pls send them this link:

Can you let go?


We all have stuff we love - books, our favorite CDs, clothes and furniture. If you're a Boomer, then you've spent a lifetime accumulating STUFF, but can you ever let it go? And when does it become more of a burden than a joy?

I'm embarking on a new life adventure requiring me to get rid of most of what I currently own. So, I decided to start with my favorite piece of furniture - a very unique, Drexel Heritage lingere chest.

I bought it new in 1977 in St. Louis, got it in the divorce, moved it to Germany and finally Denver. I just love that piece so I decided that it had to be the first to go --- sorta symbolic of me really being able to let go of my favorite things.

I was shocked to find 2 websites devoted to the sale of Drexel Heritage furniture and within 2 hours received an email from a lady living in New Jersey who had been looking for that particular piece for over 15 years! After some negotiating, we agreed on a price and frankly, it cost her more to ship it to NJ than she paid me. I really hated to see it go; but hey, if I can sell that; then the rest can easily go. But, I'm thrilled it's found a new home.

What are you holding on to?

Whether it's an emotion, a friendship that's run it's course or a need to consider if it's holding you back as you plan for your future.

Sunday, May 1, 2011


I love the music created by YANNI as it truly feeds my soul. I was so fortunate to see him for the first time in 1995, but even more thrilling was meeting him. It's hard to believe, but I was actually rendered speechless!!

In 2009, when I heard he was appearing here in Denver, I immediately bought tickets. But I was very disappointed as he seemed to have 'sold out'. He didn't even look like YANNI as he had cut that gorgeous long black hair!! I didn't enjoy his concert as it had a very commercial edge to it and I was very offended by some of the sexually charged dance numbers.

So, when our local PBS channel recently announced that they were sponsoring a YANNI concert, I wasn't sure if it would be worth it. But, I'm so glad I went last Friday night as he once again delivered a mystical concert that left us begging for more. He played in the more intimate setting of the Wells Fargo Theater, which was a much better fit acoustically for his music.

Check out his website at to find out if he's playing in your area! You won't be disappointed!!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Women and Aging 2011

Attention all Female Boomers

We face many unique aging issues -- everything from discrimination in getting a home loan to lower retirement pay to becoming the primary caregiver for our aging parents.

In an effort to open the dialogue on these and other issues related to female Boomers, the Volunteers of America Organization is excited to announce its third-annual discussion on aging issues on May 10, 2011 at the National Press Club in Washington, DC.

The Women and Aging 2011: Implications for an Aging Population, is an in-depth discussion around the need for policy that addresses the cultural shift sparked by a rapidly aging population. This year's panel will be moderated by Dr. Bob Arnot and feature Arianna Huffington of the Huffington Post, Debra Ness of the National Partnership for Women and Families.

You can read more about the event and their work on women's aging issues at:


Have you ever heard that expression --The only person who likes "change" is a wet baby?

We all know how true that is and most of us will do anything to avoid a major life change. Yet, here I am at 63 willingly taking on one of life's most stressful changes -- moving!

See, I've had that nagging sense of wanderlust for quite awhile since I currently spend 3 to 4 months a year either in Summit County or St. Louis and feel like I've been using my home as nothing more than a crash pad for the past few years.

So, last week I put my house up for sale and have now started that dreaded process of cleaning and giving away or pitching most of my stuff, because my new retirement lifestyle does not include owning a big home. I'm creating my dream retirement lifesytle around what I love most --4 months in the mountains, 4 at the beach and 4 in St. Louis with my family and friends.

OK -- I know you're probably thinking that I've gone off the deep end, but "WHY NOT?" After all, at age 40 I took a huge leap of faith by moving to Germany and leaving behind all my family and friends. At that time, I had never lived anywhere but St. Louis, so it was really difficult at first. I didn't know anyone, didn't speak the language, and felt very lonely and depressed for a few months, but it turned out to be the best adventure of my life.

Are you a Boomer who's afraid to follow your dream because 'fear of change' is holding you back? If so, and you really want to make a major change in your life, then check out the book "Take the Risk" by world-renowned neurosurgeon, Dr. Ben Carson.

I'll keep you posted and would love to hear from you about any dare-devil life changes you've made since retiring or are working on!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Am I crazy or what?

Most of you know I love the mountains.
Did you know that I hate....and I mean truly hate, being cold?

I keep my house so warm that most of my friends compare it to sitting in a sauna and come over in the dead of winter in shorts!

Yet, I love to feeds my soul and brings me joy like no other activity. There's just something so exciting about flying down the hill on a beautiful sunny day.

But, last week Mother Nature truly tested my love affair with skiing when the temperatures in Frisco, CO. where I'm staying hit minus 40 WITHOUT the chill factor.

I couldn't believe it! I've skied for over 42 years and have never experienced such bitter cold. Usually, on the slopes I look as fat as the Pillsbury Dough Boy because I wear a ski suit 2 sizes too big with 6 layers of clothing and that's when it's 15 to 20 degrees outside.

So, there was no way I could hit the slopes last week. Even if I wore everything I owned, I would not have stayed warm.

Yet, I still feel passionate about skiing and can't wait to hit the slopes later this week when the temperature gets above 10 and there's fresh powder carpeting the mountain.

What's that got to do with you and retirement?

Well, what are you passionate about?

What makes your soul sing?

If you don't know.....then start looking now, because being passionate about something will make you feel years younger than your chronological age!!

Follow your Dream

Do you have an unfulfilled dream?

Perhaps when you were young you dreamed of being a dancer, artist or chef but instead you took the responsible route and worked a 9 to 5 job your whole life like many of us Boomers!

As proven by Tony Fields, it's never too late to go after that dream!

Tony has a very unique story as he has worked for more than 20 years for the Kellogg's Corp. in Michigan, always pursing his dream of a singing career on the side.

Tony honed his soulful R&B sound performing gigs and festivals throughout Southwest Michigan. In 2005 Tony won 1st place in the adult male division of The USA World Showcase at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas, NV. His career is on an upward swing and he has a CD, "Elegant Lady" out, but his dream now is to appear on the Oprah Show as she literally saved his life.

In 2004 Tony suffered unimaginable tragedy when in less than 90 days, his only child (a 20-year old daughter), mother and brother all died. It brought him to the depths of despair and what saved him was an Oprah show regarding just as serious a tragedy. He was moved by the woman on the show and how she found the strength to go forwad. That inspired Tony to write a song for Oprah.

He's just an incredible songwriter and has penned with Carol Tedrow a motivational song too "Never Give Up, No Never Give Up" as well as a song for his daughter.

Friends....Tony really needs your help in moving his career, when you have a few minutes, please view his song to Oprah at:

Then visit his website at:

And if you've got any contacts with the Oprah show, pls contact me or Tony immediately!!
Let's help one of us Boomers get closer to realizing his dream!