Saturday, May 7, 2011

Can you let go?


We all have stuff we love - books, our favorite CDs, clothes and furniture. If you're a Boomer, then you've spent a lifetime accumulating STUFF, but can you ever let it go? And when does it become more of a burden than a joy?

I'm embarking on a new life adventure requiring me to get rid of most of what I currently own. So, I decided to start with my favorite piece of furniture - a very unique, Drexel Heritage lingere chest.

I bought it new in 1977 in St. Louis, got it in the divorce, moved it to Germany and finally Denver. I just love that piece so I decided that it had to be the first to go --- sorta symbolic of me really being able to let go of my favorite things.

I was shocked to find 2 websites devoted to the sale of Drexel Heritage furniture and within 2 hours received an email from a lady living in New Jersey who had been looking for that particular piece for over 15 years! After some negotiating, we agreed on a price and frankly, it cost her more to ship it to NJ than she paid me. I really hated to see it go; but hey, if I can sell that; then the rest can easily go. But, I'm thrilled it's found a new home.

What are you holding on to?

Whether it's an emotion, a friendship that's run it's course or a need to consider if it's holding you back as you plan for your future.

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