Saturday, May 7, 2011

It's listed!

I did it!

I listed my home last no turning back now. I really love my home, but my adventurous spirit yearns for a new, freer lifestyle divided between St. Louis, the beach and the mountains.

Thank God though I'm retired because keeping a home 'show ready' is almost a full time job. I feel like I'm living in a museum.............and when the real estate agent started staging my home, well, I felt like I was being stripped naked!

She took down about 25 pictures leaving me with a mess of nail holes to putty over and then paint. Her words "it's got to be neutralized so people can visualize their "STUFF" in it". See, it's always about someone's "STUFF"! I already tamed it down by painting my bright purple wall back to it's original off white. At one point I had to tell her to just STOP!! It got to be almost too much for me because I'm not going to live in a half-empty home until it sells.

It's hard though, because when someone rejects your home, it feels like they are rejecting you........after all, I picked it. The #1 feedback complaint I get is that "it doesn't have a basement". Well, guess what...........there's nothing I can do about that. But with the spectacular golf course and mountain views, I'm hoping it's a quick sell.

So, if you know anyone who would love to live in a Resort-Style Active Adult community near Denver, then I've got the perfect home for them so pls send them this link:

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Where will you move?