Saturday, December 31, 2011

Mission Impossible

EXCITING, FAST-PACED MOVIE! I loved this movie. It was exhilarating from the first few scenes and the pace never let up.

Boomers all remember the TV series - Mission Impossible - which always reminded me of a high-action version of the TV show "BEAT THE CLOCK". I'm still a big Tom Cruise fan and I think he's done an exceptional job in bringing the flavor and suspense of the series to the big screen. As with all MI movies, there definitely has to be a suspension of belief because the plot line at times is implausible and the stunt scenes too unrealistic. So if you're looking for a thrilling movie for this holiday weekend; this one's worth your time. For a more detailed review, check out the NY Times review at:

My Family

Doesn't being with your family seem more important at this time of the year?

For me, it definitely is because as far back as I can remember the holiday season meant seeing all my relatives and feasting on delicious Italian foods such as home made sausage, cookies and cannolis. My father was a butcher so making the sausage was a holiday tradition that my friends would love to come to. It was special too because he used an antique sausage grinder that had been my grandfather's.

My parents had 9 kids, 13 grand kids and currently, 7 great grand kids with more in the making.
Being Italian, we're so loud that I feel like I have to pass out earplugs to non-family members. But we know how to party and one time when I was just 13, we had a New Year's Eve party that went on for 3 days.

What I love most is that we established traditions, that are now being passed on to the 4th generation!

So how about you? What holiday traditions have you passed on that you would like to make sure your family continues long after your gone?

p.s. - That's only about half of my family in that 2011 Christmas picture.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Descendants

I love movies and will go to see one just because of the leading man - in this case, George Clooney - in "THE DESCANDENTS" which was highly touted as one of the best movies of the year. I strongly disagree. It was so boring that I almost fell asleep within the first 20 minutes and would have left except I was there with a friend.

It definitely was not his best acting effort as some critics claimed, as I did not feel any sympathy for his character just because his wife was in a coma and had cheated on him. From the very beginning, he seemed selfish and very detached from and unaware of major issues within his own immediate family.

Also, he had pressure from his other family members over a potential land sale, but it's difficult to feel bad for a guy who's worth millions. The best thing I can say for the movie is that it was set in Hawaii.

For an opposing view - here's the NY Times review --

Never Give Up!!

Several months ago I wrote about Tony Fields who's still pursing his dream of a full time singing career. Tony & my good friend, Carol Tedrow have produced an inspirational video based on the song that they co-wrote in honor of Carol's husband who died from cancer almost 3 years ago. Please take a few minutes to view it and pass the link on to any of your friends who are suffering from this terrible disease.
I hope it will motivate them to continue their battle.
Please check out the links below as a portion of the proceeds from the video and CD will go to support the fight against cancer. Thanks so much!

Never Give Up Video

Hope Distribution Website where you can order the video & CD.

As If It were Yesterday!

Have you ever attended a highschool reunion?

Until this year, it seemed like something more pressing always popped I missed my 10th, 25th & 40th reunions. Plus I left St. Louis more than 20 years ago and had lost contact with most of my friends from Hazelwood High School.

But when the 45th reunion was announced I decided I wanted to go and reconnect with some of my best friends from high school.

It was so much fun!! We had a casual get-together on Friday night at one of the local bars that played music from the '60s and we had a lot of fun dancing the night away.

Over 140 classmates attended the Saturday night function at the Bogey Hills Country Club. What I loved about seeing my old friends is that the conversation picked up with them just as if it were yesterday. We had a great time reminiscing about the good old days which were so aptly depicted in the TV show "HAPPY DAYS".

One of my best memories was skipping lunch and dancing every day in the Student Union. It also saddened me to learn of the death of many of my classmates who were just a young 63!

If you get the chance, go to your next reunion. It's a wonderful walk down memory lane!

Merry CHRISTmas

Dear Readers

I awoke this morning and felt compelled to write about putting CHRIST back into CHRISTmas as it seems that most people today yell out "HAPPY HOLIDAYs" to be politically correct. They have forgot the true meaning of Christmas which is "CHRIST's Birthday".

I don't know about you, but frankly, I'm just tired of it! In Denver this year they had the decorations out even before Thanksgiving and then the retailer's create such a mass frenzy with BLACK FRIDAY that I hate how commercialized CHRISTmas has become. It just seems like the retailers are fast forwarding the holidays so that they can ring in more sales early and make their bottom line look good.

Whether you believe the story of the Virgin Birth or not, CHRIST was born andCHRISTmas should be a time of being with your family, forgiving those you feel have hurt you and sharing your blessings with those less fortunate................and let's face it, this year there are many families I'm sure right in your own neighborhood who could use some help.

So I challenge you for the next 2 days to greet everyone you meet with a "Merry CHRISTmas" and let someone else be politically correct!!