Thursday, July 15, 2010


WANTED: A quiet senior-citizen roommate, good cook, likes to clean house, do repairs, run errands, walk the dog and pay a lot of rent to me!
In these tough economic times, many BOOMERS are looking for ways to cut their monthly expenses, so ads like the above are becoming more commonplace in senior community newsletters and on roommate websites.

It could be tough finding an agreeable roommate because other than spouses, most of us haven't roomed with anyone since our college days. And let's face we age, we definitely become more set in our ways.

If you decide taking in a roommate is the panacea for your monthly financial shortfall, then it's critical to set guidelines upfront or you could end up in a situation like the "Odd Couple".
Some basic topics that should be covered in writing are:

1. Defined quiet time, such as 10 pm to 7 am.

2. Night owl versus a morning person - how will you accommodate each other?

3. House temperature – hot or cold?

4. Kitchen privileges --Who cooks? Who pays for the food?

5. What does the rent cover?

6. Garage space?

7. Dinner and/or overnight guests?
The last might be the most difficult. Sure, it was fine when we were young and your roommate had her boyfriend spend the night.
But, this age would you really want to see some strange old geezer in his underwear sitting at your kitchen table with your morning newspaper, drinking your coffee? Not me!

But if you decide that a roommate is the way to go......then the website
can help you whether you're looking for a roommate or want to rent a room in someone else's home.

Your Second Act

Many BOOMERS seek out a new career after retirement.

Not necessarily for the money, but just for fun of it or the challenge of trying something completely new.

My long-time friend Don Schuerman did just that ---he was elected a Judge.

He takes his role very seriously and is continually striving to improve himself to better serve his constituents.

Judge Schuerman was certified recently by the Texas Justice Training Center in Austin, Texas.
This additional training covered topics from family violence, rules of evidence, enforcement of judgements, mediations, contracts to judicial ethics.

So, what's your 'second-act' dream career?

If you're sitting back thinking you're too old --- then check out the book, "What's in an Age?" by Andrew Postman. He cites many examples of stellar achievements by people all the way up to no excuses for you!

Whether it's tap dancing with the Sun City Seniors or writing an advice column, just go for it!


Since I retired over 5 years ago, I've read more than 20 books on retirement. One of the best out there is "Retirementology"!

I loved it -- especially since Dr. Salsbury's advice on how to ensure your financial future is easy to follow. In the past, many Boomers had banked on the unrealistic increases in their home equity to help finance their retirements. We know that's not going to happen in today's economy!

In fact, many Boomers are hanging on for dear life, hoping that they don't end up with negative equity when they retire.

I especially liked the original definitions such as:
  • Retirementology - a new way of thinking about retirement planning that considers both psychology and finance against a backdrop of the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.
  • Hellthcare - Hellthcare is what Medicare has become for many.
  • Golden Cowboy - one who fears a collapsing government and economy and begins hoarding gold and guns.

Whether retired or just thinking about it, this book will significantly help you formulate a financial plan so that you can enjoy those Golden Years instead of slinging hamburgers just to make ends meet!

For additional info, check out the website: