Thursday, July 15, 2010

Your Second Act

Many BOOMERS seek out a new career after retirement.

Not necessarily for the money, but just for fun of it or the challenge of trying something completely new.

My long-time friend Don Schuerman did just that ---he was elected a Judge.

He takes his role very seriously and is continually striving to improve himself to better serve his constituents.

Judge Schuerman was certified recently by the Texas Justice Training Center in Austin, Texas.
This additional training covered topics from family violence, rules of evidence, enforcement of judgements, mediations, contracts to judicial ethics.

So, what's your 'second-act' dream career?

If you're sitting back thinking you're too old --- then check out the book, "What's in an Age?" by Andrew Postman. He cites many examples of stellar achievements by people all the way up to no excuses for you!

Whether it's tap dancing with the Sun City Seniors or writing an advice column, just go for it!

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Thomas C B Chua said...

We retire to golf, lots of golf on almost all days ending with 'y." The idea of resuming official duties is replusive after a few years of retirement. I did toy with the idea of taking up a research but then the brain rebelled. Reading a few pages is not a great challenge, but not playing 18n holes of Golf. LOL