Sunday, May 8, 2011


If you're a Boomer and still have your mom, well then you're blessed just like I am!

I know --- everyone thinks they had the best mom in the world, but I'm so confident that I'd put my mom up against any one's.

She had 9 kids (5 boys & 4 girls) in less than 12 years (no twins). And the 9th baby was born when she was only 34!!

She survived a tough younger life, being one of 8 and living through the Great Depression. We often heard stories about the Depression when for months all she had to eat was bread and tomatoes as well as her life during WWII (the Big One), when downtown St. Louis was open 24 hours a day and she often went out dancing all night!

So today, I'd like to honor her for being the wonderful mom she was and still is. Somehow, she found the time to be there for all 9 of us; often, getting by on as little as 5 hours sleep for days in a row. At one point, we thought she was a short order cook, because if you didn't like what she made for dinner; she'd find the time to make something special for you. And you can just imagine all the loads of wash she did on an old, manual Maytag washer!

At 85, she's in good health, lives at home and cooks for herself. She still enjoys reading and spending time with her grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

So, Boomer friends, take the time today to remember your special mom whether she's still here with you or with God!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

It's listed!

I did it!

I listed my home last no turning back now. I really love my home, but my adventurous spirit yearns for a new, freer lifestyle divided between St. Louis, the beach and the mountains.

Thank God though I'm retired because keeping a home 'show ready' is almost a full time job. I feel like I'm living in a museum.............and when the real estate agent started staging my home, well, I felt like I was being stripped naked!

She took down about 25 pictures leaving me with a mess of nail holes to putty over and then paint. Her words "it's got to be neutralized so people can visualize their "STUFF" in it". See, it's always about someone's "STUFF"! I already tamed it down by painting my bright purple wall back to it's original off white. At one point I had to tell her to just STOP!! It got to be almost too much for me because I'm not going to live in a half-empty home until it sells.

It's hard though, because when someone rejects your home, it feels like they are rejecting you........after all, I picked it. The #1 feedback complaint I get is that "it doesn't have a basement". Well, guess what...........there's nothing I can do about that. But with the spectacular golf course and mountain views, I'm hoping it's a quick sell.

So, if you know anyone who would love to live in a Resort-Style Active Adult community near Denver, then I've got the perfect home for them so pls send them this link:

Can you let go?


We all have stuff we love - books, our favorite CDs, clothes and furniture. If you're a Boomer, then you've spent a lifetime accumulating STUFF, but can you ever let it go? And when does it become more of a burden than a joy?

I'm embarking on a new life adventure requiring me to get rid of most of what I currently own. So, I decided to start with my favorite piece of furniture - a very unique, Drexel Heritage lingere chest.

I bought it new in 1977 in St. Louis, got it in the divorce, moved it to Germany and finally Denver. I just love that piece so I decided that it had to be the first to go --- sorta symbolic of me really being able to let go of my favorite things.

I was shocked to find 2 websites devoted to the sale of Drexel Heritage furniture and within 2 hours received an email from a lady living in New Jersey who had been looking for that particular piece for over 15 years! After some negotiating, we agreed on a price and frankly, it cost her more to ship it to NJ than she paid me. I really hated to see it go; but hey, if I can sell that; then the rest can easily go. But, I'm thrilled it's found a new home.

What are you holding on to?

Whether it's an emotion, a friendship that's run it's course or a need to consider if it's holding you back as you plan for your future.

Sunday, May 1, 2011


I love the music created by YANNI as it truly feeds my soul. I was so fortunate to see him for the first time in 1995, but even more thrilling was meeting him. It's hard to believe, but I was actually rendered speechless!!

In 2009, when I heard he was appearing here in Denver, I immediately bought tickets. But I was very disappointed as he seemed to have 'sold out'. He didn't even look like YANNI as he had cut that gorgeous long black hair!! I didn't enjoy his concert as it had a very commercial edge to it and I was very offended by some of the sexually charged dance numbers.

So, when our local PBS channel recently announced that they were sponsoring a YANNI concert, I wasn't sure if it would be worth it. But, I'm so glad I went last Friday night as he once again delivered a mystical concert that left us begging for more. He played in the more intimate setting of the Wells Fargo Theater, which was a much better fit acoustically for his music.

Check out his website at to find out if he's playing in your area! You won't be disappointed!!