Thursday, August 11, 2011

DOW Down - feeling DIZZY, too?

Are you as 'dizzy' as I am trying to survive the dips in the DOW?

As a kid, I loved amusement parks, but hated the roller-coaster. Oh, I tried several over the years but always came off it with a queasy stomach and promise to never try it again.

BUT isn't that just like what we're going through again with the Stock Market??? We survive one crisis, only to get back in the Market?
I fared well in the crash of 2008 and managed to sell a few stocks this time prior to Monday's crash.........but still I can't shake that sick-to-my-stomach feel every time I turn on CNN.
As a Boomer who depends on interest and dividend income, I find this situation so upsetting because you can't seem to make money anywhere nowadays.

So, Boomers tell me......what are you doing with your extra money nowadays with CDs paying ZIP and the market in total chaos?

Any ideas where I can make some good interest income?

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FredT said...

Stock market is just another form of gambling. If it were investment, Day trading and flipping, selling short, and the like would not be permitted. It would have a about a thirty day buy in period. No resale of those shares for thirty day. Stability would be achieved, and only real investors would be involved.