Tuesday, August 25, 2009

How many candles on your cake?

Don't you just love birthday parties?

My passion for fun BD parties goes back to my childhood. Somehow my overworked mom organized a birthday party for each of us 9 kids with a traditional Italian ricotta cake and lots of relatives at the party.

A very-good friend of mine, Lily, turned 75 this month. Her family threw a huge, western-themed BD party for her. It was quite a shindig with hayrides, a square-dance caller, a DJ complete with a mirrored disco ball for dancing under the stars, games for the kids and even Texas-Hold’em .

What made the event most special were the people....almost 100, ranging in age from 1 to 85. The best-dressed woman at that party was the 85-year-old Boomer!

Hate getting older? Just be glad you’re still on the top side of the dirt and throw yourself a theme party. (p.s. – with all those candles, don’t forget to have the fire extinguisher handy)

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