Friday, June 26, 2009

ICONIC Passings

When I first heard of Farrah Fawcett's death yesterday, I was saddened as I felt she was courageous in sharing her journey of the past few years in fighting the big "C". It seems to me that most of the time when a star shares their personal experiences, it's nothing more than a self-serving attempt to gain some press time.

But a few weeks ago I watched her TV special and felt that she genuinely exposed her illness to help others. Stars also have that affect on people -- by sharing a personal illness sometimes more people will become proactive about their health care, get yearly health check-ups and perhaps, catch a major health issue sooner than later.

The King of Pop!
On the other hand, later in the day when I heard about Michael Jackson, at first I thought it was just a spoof. It didn't seem real; if couldn't be real........especially in light of his upcoming UK Tour. Like the rest of the world, I was truly shocked!

While he was cleared of his crimes in court, like most people I felt there was more to his odd behavior with and affection for little children. One can't help but wonder if the abuse and fear he suffered at the hands of his domineering, money-hungry father weren't the primary contributing factors in the creation of his obviously warped adult-lifestyle that centered around a Peter Pan-like environment. BUT Michael Jackson was cleared of those criminal charges, so I hate to see major networks like CNN and MSNBC re-hashing those cases

The emotionally-stilted, financially broke artist is dead. Give him a break!

Why can't the press concentrate on his music. No one can deny the major musical contributions he made and his generosity in helping others. For example, donating all the proceeds of "We are the World" to those in need in Africa.

While people will continue to say negative things about Jackson's personal life, he will always shine as the consumate performer who left his fans begging for more!

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