Saturday, June 13, 2009

Free Gift Scam

I thought I was too smart to fall for a free gift scam, but I did and got billed for supposedly "free" gifts.

The offer I received came from PEOPLE Magazine. I was offered an assortment of free gifts since I had been a 'valuable subscriber' for over 10 years.

I read and re-read the offer and while skeptical, it seemed legit because I did not have to give a credit card number or send money. There wasn't anything that I really wanted, but if it was free, why not?

Well, this morning I was shocked that I had been billed over $140.00 on my credit card for these "free" gifts when I had not signed anything nor authorized a payment. After 5 phone calls, I got the charges removed, but what a hassle.
SO BEWARE! I learned that if the magazine company has your credit card number from a previous subscription order, then they can charge you even without your signature.

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