Friday, June 26, 2009

Movie Week

With all the bad weather here in Denver last week .....the tornado sightings and torrential rains turning parts of I-25 into small streams..........I took in several of the latest movies.

In rank order from my favorite to the worst:

I love 'chick flicks'! Sandra Bullock was her usual charming self and Ryan Reynolds held his own playing her love interest. If you're a Bullock fan, parts of the movie near the end will definitely remind you of her role as Lucy in "While You Were Sleeping". It's a funny, enjoyable movie and deserving of more stars than some critics gave it.

Movie Review:

Intense, fast-paced flick with Travolta and Washington delivering exceptional performances. Travolta plays the hardened, remorseless criminal to a T and Denzel delivers an emotionally charged performance as the disgraced Metro worker. I liked it!

Movie Review:

I have to admit I only went to see "Imagine That" as it was shot in Denver in late '07 and I had a background role as an extra so I was dying to see if I made the movie or ended up on the cutting room floor. Turned out that both scenes I appeared in were in the movie, but they went by so fast that I couldn't really find myself.

But that experience taught me why movies are so expensive to make! We shot for 14 hours that day and got about 1.5 minutes of usable footage. And for all that work......a mere $85, no star sighting as Eddie Murphy wasn't shooting that day, but still it was a fun experience!
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