Monday, June 1, 2009

Relocation Tips

With home prices still at an all time low, it’s the perfect time to make your retirement move. Many of the Active Adult Communities have “quick, move-in” specials with prices discounted by 20 to 30%. You can also negotiate for them to pay all closing costs and get a low interest loan.

If you haven’t picked out the perfect location, then suggest you visit your top 3 places for at least a month before taking the plunge. An Active Adult Community is a great place to live……easy to make new friends, lots of activities and the homes are user-friendly for Boomers…one level, wide doorways, higher counter tops. While moving closer to your grandchildren sounds like a great idea, don’t depend on your kids to build your social life when you get there! For every one's sake, you'll want to make new friends and build a life outside of the family.

A cross-country move can get quite expensive, so prior to moving either pitch or donate everything you don’t need or want. Remember to get that receipt for tax purposes. Moving in retirement is a great opportunity to re-think how you want to live. It's a chance for you to downsize and create more discretionary income for travel or other fun hobbies.
College towns have also become a hot spot for Boomers who are relocating. With lower living expenses and many leisure and entertainment activities, Boomers are flocking to them!
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