Wednesday, July 22, 2009

CIAO Ristorant

To celebrate my sister Ginny's birthday we drove to Naples last night and had a fabulous dinner at Ciao Ristorante, located near the famous 5th Avenue South Shopping District.

Italian born restaurant owner, Chef Gianfranco Loreti prepared a scrumptious meal. Ginny had a fresh shrimp and lobster pasta dish and I tried the pasta filled with ricotta cheese and black truffles, served with Alfredo sauce.

I'd highly recommend this restaurant not only for the food, but the ambiance and friendly waiters.

After dinner, we met Chef Loreti and talked about our love of Italy as our paternal grandparents were born in Sicily which we visited in September 1995.

That was definitely my favorite trip as we met many Sicilian relatives, but best of all we actually found the home my Grandma Rosa was born in.

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Terry said...

Sounds dee-rish-russ! Hope you bring me a doggie bag.