Monday, July 20, 2009

Cape Coral, FL

Traditionally, Florida's been one of the favorite states for BOOMERs to relocate to in retirement. In the past few months, I've seen real estate expert, Barbara Corcoran, several times on the TODAY Show just raving about the fabulous home deals in Cape Coral, FL.

She bragged so much about the area that I just had to see for myself if the bargains were, my sister, Ginny, and I are spending the week here checking out the area and homes.

Being a retired BOOMER, I wanted a reasonably priced hotel; but of course, right on the beach! I love it when there's "truth in advertising" because the Neptune Inn - delivered everything that was promised on it's website and more. It's right on the ocean with breathtaking views, clean beach area, spacious rooms and friendly help!

Tomorrow we're spending the day looking at homes in Cape Coral. I've spent hours researching properties here and the 2 most important factors should you decide to consider the area are:
possible problems with Chinese drywall in homes built after 2003 and extremely high unpaid assessments for water and sewer.

For more buying tips from Barbara:


Terry said...

Tell me about Chinese drywall again?

Retired Rosie said...

Hey Terry

Chinese dryall was imported during the housing boom 2002-2005. It emits a foul odor like rotten eggs and has made many homeowners really ill. So we've decided to look at homes built prior to 2002.