Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Michael Jackson

Okay, I admit it!

I watched the Michael Jackson Memorial yesterday, but mainly to see the incredible performances by so many big name stars.
Jennifer Hudson was just outstanding! Her performance gave me chills and further proved that American Idol viewers were wrong when they voted her off early in the season.

But there were several things that really bothered me!

While I strongly feel that a person is innocent until proven guilty and Jackson was cleared of all charges, the saint-like send off he was given was just too much. Of all the speakers, only Barry Gordy, MOTOWN President, briefly acknowledged Jackson's troubled past. Being Catholic, I would've sworn the other speakers were making their case for his sainthood. And if I were a Californian, I'd be even madder that the state funded the security...........shouldn't Jackson's estate be hit with a bill for it?

Jackson was a phenomenal entertainer, making many significant contributions to advancing the music industry, especially MTV. But come on -- calling him the best entertainer ever, the King of all entertainers. In my book he'll never own that title.

As any Baby Boomer knows, there's only one King.........and that's Elvis!

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