Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Book Club

I've always enjoyed reading, but even more so now that I belong to a book club because it has exposed me to several new authors I might not have read.

This month's selection was recommended by one of our members. I was hesitant to start "Firefly Lane" because it's almost 500 pages long. But I decided to begin it on a flight back to Denver. Big mistake!

It's such a fabulous book that I literally couldn't put it down after the flight......so I kept reading til almost 3 am! It's the story of 2 girls, Kate & Tully, who become friends at 14. The book follows their life-long friendship and the trials of maintaining their closeness even after each had taken an extremely different path in life.

While some readers may find the plot line predictable and sappy, I loved it because I feel the connection with a life-long friend is such a valuable gift, something not to be taken for granted.

I've known my best friend, Linda, for almost 40 years now and at times it was difficult to maintain the relationship - like when I moved to Germany for 11 years. But, true friends will always find a way to keep connected.

For more reviews: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/1472878.Firefly_Lane

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