Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Before It's Too Late!

Most of us feel that we have enough time to visit love ones and reconnect with old friends before one of us dies.

Recently, I reconnected with an old friend Steve through FB. We'd met when I lived in Germany and he was a great, fun-loving guy. We had spent many fun-filled Sunday afternoons together drinking and dancing in our local German hangout, Dr. Flotte's and had taken several ski trips together. I had planned to visit him in Sarasota in the spring.

What a shock to learn this morning through an email that he had recently died of a heart attack.
It was like a slap on the face reminder as to just how short life is for us Boomers!
It really upset me and I wanted to just mope around all day. But instead, in his honor I hit the slopes and did a few runs as he loved skiing too!

DON'T DELAY! Who have you been thinking about from your past that you'd like to see at least one more time? Call them immediately as the clock's ticking away.

Remember - at this age we have fewer tomorrows than yesterday's!

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