Wednesday, November 13, 2013

At The Movies!

I'm so excited as I love working Film Festivals and I'm in NAPA right now working this event.  In the past I've worked both the Denver Film Fest and the biggest and the best, Sundance.   I've done everything from arrange transportation to cooking for the starving artists to working the Red Carpet.   At this one I'm a concierge for the the VIP patrons.

I just love the ambiance and the environment which makes me feel like I'm inhaling creativity everywhere I go.

Today I set a new record, 2 movies and 5 short films in 8.5 hours plus worked 3 events.

The Fabulous Ice Age is an interesting documentary exploring the popularity of the old skating stars like Sonja Heine and the extravagant shows -- like Ice Follies and Holiday on Ice.  I loved the movie as it reminded me of all the Saturday afternoons I've spent with my mom watching ice skating competitions.

Old Stock was a quirky picture about a young man who decides to hide out and live
in an assisted living home after a car he starts acting as if he's 65 instead of 20.   


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