Sunday, April 18, 2010

Wish of a Lifetime

Jeremy Bloom, two-time Olympic Skier and former NFL football player, founded Wish of a Lifetime in honor of his grandmother, Donna Wheeler, who at 83 still works in a bank.

He launched this charitable organization with a vision to initiate a cultural change by granting the wish of a lifetime to deserving, low-income seniors throughout the United States. In Europe, older people are more-respected with many families building apartments in their homes so they can take care of their family members as they age.

But here in the States, we Boomers are often pushed aside by a youth-obsessed media and society. So, it was very refreshing last night to work the 2nd annual fund-raising dinner with so many young volunteers.

Award recipients ranging from a Pearl Harbor survivor to your everyday grandmother were honored. Currently, the organization is active in Colorado and a chapter is being sponsored by Google in California.

If you know a worthy senior or would like to volunteer or donate, check it out at:

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