Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Twenty-something adults had all the fun with reality shows like the Real World, American Idol, The Apprentice and the Bachelorette. We Boomers had nothing, so I wrote to ABC and asked them to create a show called "Baby Boomer Bachelorette". I volunteered to be the first "Baby Boomer Bachelorette". But, I never heard anything back from them!

Finally, we have our own show - "Sunset Daze", which follows a group of fun-loving boomers who are living in Sun City in Arizona.

Think "Real World" with wrinkles, grey hair and Viagra! I just watched an episode and it's a riot with the Boomers acting like Spring Breakers on a perpetual break. They're boozing it up at happy hour, talking about sex, trying to find a date and lounging by the pool.

Check it out on WE tv.

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