Friday, May 10, 2013

Rock'n'Roll Never Forgets

That's the Bob Seger I fell in love with in the '70s.......the long-haired sexy dude who could turn-you on just with his sensuous voice and seductive words!

I recently saw him at the Pepsi Center, Denver, and just like the rest of us he's changed quite a bit (see picture below), but his voice is as fabulous as ever.

I loved his show as he just doesn't need all the props, lights and other hoopla that some current singers need because, let's face it, their voices aren't that great.  They are more into the 'production' side of a concert; whereas, Seger's voice and a piano or guitar is all he needs.

Seger became an even bigger hit after his song "Seems Like that old time Rock & Roll" made Tom Cruise's career skyrocket in the movie "Risky Business".

He's still on tour so check out his schedule at:

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