Sunday, June 9, 2013

Single? Retired? Need Money?

You've all seen those ads offering you ways to make more money in retirement doing everything from addressing envelopes to phone soliciting.  99% of them are schemes and you actually spend more money than you'll make.

But you might be able to increase your monthly retirement income just by reviewing your Social Security (SS) Benefits!   That simple -- YES!!

As I talk with divorced and widowed retirees (especially single women), I'm finding out that many of them are not getting the maximum SS benefit that they could receive in retirement because they have had to take their SS payment at the earliest eligibility date rather than wait until age 70.

What they are unaware of is that they "might" be eligible to claim benefits from their former or deceased spouse instead when they reach the minimum eligibility age, and hold off collecting under their own work record.   I stress "might" because each case is different and there are certain criteria that have to be met.   The exact wording from the SSA website:

"If you qualify for benefits as a widow, widower or surviving divorced spouse on another record, you may choose to apply for survivors benefits now and delay your retirement benefit until later."

In cases of divorce, your EX must be retirement age eligible, BUT the EX does not have to be retired.

To apply you must have a copy of your marriage certificate, divorce papers or proof of death and that other person's SS number.  You can easily start your research online, but I highly recommend you go in person to a SS office for a final determination of your benefits.

Why not take a few minutes and explore the SS website?  Who knows, you just might be one of the lucky ones and find hundreds of dollars in unclaimed benefits waiting for you!

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Ex-spousal Social Security benefits in the works for me. Thanks for your advice on this. T