Sunday, June 9, 2013

Don't Stop Thinking about Tomorrow!

Fleetwood Mac, one of the biggest bands of the ‘70s, was quickly becoming nothing more than a footnote in Rock History until Bill Clinton decided to use their  anthem “Don’t Stop Thinking about Tomorrow” as his theme song for his 1992 campaign.  

That song, combined with his playing the sax, connected with the younger generation and helped get him elected.  And when President Clinton requested they perform that song at his first inaugural ball; band members (who had not performed together in 10 years), put their egos aside and gave a rousing rendition.

Being the “concert junkie” that I am, I just don’t know how I missed seeing them back in the ‘70s; so I was thrilled to hear that all the original members except  Christine McVie had reunited for a tour this year and would be here in Denver at the Pepsi Center.  Tickets were hard to get, but for a 23% premium, I managed to score some on the secondary market – Flash Seats.  
Time apart didn’t diminish their onstage chemistry and during that high energy concert, lasting more than 2 hours, they covered most of their big hits.  It was an exciting, nostalgic show, complete with a psychedelic light/slide show reminiscent of the ‘70s concert scene.   They rewarded our enthusiastic audience with 3 encores ending with “Say Goodbye”, a heart-tugging song of lost love.  (Fleetwood Mac fans all know the story of the Nicks/Buckingham breakup…..put to music here.) 

I love the song “Don’t Stop Thinking about Tomorrow”  because it’s a song of hope and optimism.
It should be our Baby Boomer’s anthem because that attitude of thinking about tomorrow, planning for the future and not living in our past--no matter how exciting and rewarding it might have been—will keep us young.     Take a few minutes – enjoy the video and read the lyrics.   I hope you find them as inspiring as I do.
2013 Fleetwood Mac touring members

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