Monday, January 2, 2012


I love technology and all the fun things you can do with it, so I recently purchased a new HP computer; APPLE iPad2 and iPhone. I know you're probably thinking, why not the IMAC to have full compatibility?

Well, the one I wanted was about $2300 and being a retired chick on a fixed income budget, I could not justify that expense when for less than $1900 I could get all 3! Plus I had an HP Entertainment Laptop so I just replaced that with the newest version.

I'm having so much fun trying to figure out the iPad2 & iPhone connectivity especially with the Personal Hotspot connection and then trying to sync it with my HP laptop. It's just so much harder to change equipment and learn about new technology when I don't have a computer guy in Data Processing that I can call up. I don't miss much about work, but I'd love having one of those computer geeks handy right now.

While it was a major challenge, I'm proud to say I set up all three gadgets; transferred all files and music on my own!

If you've not yet played with an iPad 2, visit an Apple store. I've found the customer reps to be friendly and patient in helping us inquisitive Boomers.

With over 140,000 apps for the iPad2, I'm sure you'll find many uses for it just like I have, but you might want to wait until the Spring to purchase one as APPLE may be introducing their next version then.


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Wait a couple years. You'll be able to buy them for $1.99

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