Monday, August 27, 2012

From a McMansion to 2B/2B

For Sale: 2B/2B Villa - 
No Basement 

Most Boomers looking for a new home would ignore that ad even though they want to downsize.  It just makes sense for them to move to a much smaller home because they no longer need that McMansion that they raised their kids in especially with increasing utility costs and rapidly shrinking pension benefits. Really, they should just move to that 2 bedroom/2 bathroom (2B/2B) villa just like the one I tried to sell last summer,  but some just can't get rid of their stuff.  

I got so tired of showing my home to potential buyers and then having them ask "But, honey, where's the basement?"    
To which I'd reply "no basement"; then I'd get that very perplexed, shocked look with the same comment:   "Well, were do you put all your stuff?"   
I really wanted to shout back "Just how much "stuff" do we really need at this age?"
Don't get me wrong, I have some valuables that I just can't part with, like the dishes that I bought in Italy.  They are so precious to me because my late friend John and I spent hours going through the pottery factory near Abano, Italy searching for the perfect pieces among the pile of seconds.   I could never part with them!
But if you've reached that point in your life where your tired of spending all your time and money on a big house and are ready to downsize,then consider:
.....Gifting precious possessions -- give grandma's china to your daughter now.
.....Keep part of it -  reduce your favorite china to 6 place settings rather than 12.
.....BUT always Respect your spouse  --  don't throw away something your spouse loves and hope that he or she won't notice.
 .....and for a good laugh about the misplaced importance we all put on "stuff", check out the George Carlin's humorous take on how we so ridiculously revere our stuff, while dissing other's stuff:

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TLM80209 said...

George Carlin - one of the greatest philosophers and observers of the human condition of our time.