Monday, August 27, 2012


I took my first overseas adventure trip in 1970 when my friend, Ruth, and I did Europe on $5 a day.  We visited 14 cities in 28 days!!

It was such a life-changing event for me that over the past 42 years I have spent thousands on travel and in 1988 even moved to Germany so I could more easily travel and ski throughout Europe.  Ruth moved to England and lived there for 10 years near London.

I've never regretted one dime that I've spent on travel and just cannot understand the mindset of people who feel travel is a waste of time and money.  I've been to 43 states and 23 countries, but there are still places I've not seen, so long before the movie the "Bucket List", I had created my own BID (before I die) travel list.  #1 on the list was Egypt, which I visited in 2008 and then Alaska.
But it just seemed that my dream trip to Alaska to see the whales and glaciers was just like an elusive butterfly and that every time I planned a trip something happened.

Well, my 2012 Alaskan Adventure seemed doomed too!  I had planned a two week land/cruise tour starting in late May and wouldn't you know it, I was diagnosed in late March with a blood clot meaning no air travel for at least 2 months, cutting it too close for comfort.

 But I diligently took all my meds, rested a lot and luckily, I had a team of pro-active, life-affirming doctors who allowed me to go!   Soon I'll BLOG about my exciting Alaskan adventure.

What about you -- what's on your dream trip list?

Surely, you have wanderlust in your heart for a far-away, exciting place.   Well, I challenge you to begin planning for it NOW!  Take action and make that dream trip just as soon as possible, because as that old cliche' goes "Tomorrow is promised to no one" and that's especially true for us Boomers!

p.s. -- there's always a way to make it happen!  In 1970, I funded my European trip with the insurance money I received when my car was stolen.  When I got back, I still didn't have a car, but I didn't care because I  had memories that have lasted a lifetime and fueled my wanderlust for decades!

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