Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Great Retirement, Great Sex!

Do I dare mention "sex" in the same sentence with retirement as it seems the younger generation think of us as shriveled up and half dead? 
Several studies have shown that instead of enjoying a blissful sex life in retirement, many Boomers find that stopping work is a depressing and demoralizing experience, resulting in a loss of confidence in both social situations and the bedroom.
But Mr. Gould busts right through many of the myths surrounding older-age sex and tackles the delicate issues of body image, sexual dysfunction, and overcoming the embarrassment of re-entering the dating field.    I especially liked Chapter 5, "The Magic Three", referring to your physical health, your mindset, and your sex life. 
Great Retirement, Great Sex  will take you through the pleasures and pitfalls of life after work, showing you how to plot a more satisfying, joyful course for retirement.   Check out his BLOG at: 

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cruella devaul said...

Welcome back! Im new to your blog but suspect I will be reading it more as I get closer to retirement. And, as I am newly single, I find this particular blog interesting. Thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

I absolutely loved the book! It's great to read about sex from a different perspective.

harry john said...

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