Friday, February 6, 2009

Feeling Isolated?

I know from personal experience that what we retirees miss most each day when we stop working is our friends and the many social encounters that we have each day, ranging from a simple "Hi" to someone inquiring about your health. It's normal to miss that familiarity.

Winter is the worst time of the year for being stuck indoors. Think about it -- if you're single and don't venture out even in cold weather, you won't see anyone. Social interaction is what keeps us going. It's been proven in several studies that the happiest people are those that are socially affiliated with several social networks. One might be at church, another at the gym.

Here's a group of my friends skiing last season at Beaver Creek.
We were there to celebrate my BD. I'm the short one in black!

We're so much happier when we're around others who enjoy the same things we do -- so, if you can't find a group to join, start one!

A good book on the subject is "Creating your Best Life". For more info, go to:

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