Monday, February 16, 2009


Any of you Boomers remember that TV show from the late 50s/early 60s that was hosted by Johnny Carson? I recall watching that show when I got home from school and it was a typical quiz show for the time. But it's not TV that's on my mind today -- it's the question of TRUST.

Don't you feel that's what's eating away at all of us nowadays? We Boomers grew up in a society where we truly felt we could trust not only our family members but the Government.
With the on-going events that have thrown our economy and lives into a daily state of financial turmoil, that's the question we all want an answer to -- Who can I trust with my money?

I wish I had the definitive answer - but I don't! All I can recommend is that you personally know who's managing whatever's left in your portfolio; the real person, not just some guy who answers the phone.

Don't stay with that brokerage house just because you've always done business with them! Ask pertinent questions about where you should now put your money based upon how well you handle risk and how many years you have left to retirement.

And most importantly -- if you no longer trust your financial adviser -- then research potential replacements on your own. Don't take the recommendation of your friends -- after all, isn't that how so many people were duped by Madoff?

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