Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Please Sign

Let's get him where it hurts.....his bank account!

I can't stand Rush Limbaugh. I think he's nothing more than an arrogant fat ass who somehow got lucky and miraculously developed a loyal lemming-like following.
But this time he's gone too far!

Let's make it known to the advertisers that we will not tolerate such ignorant abuse of our First Amendment rights where a media personality can attack a woman in such a vile manner. It's truly sad that we Boomer women, who thought that the issues of birth control and women's rights were resolved almost 50 years ago, once again have to face the fact that the moral majority want to regain control of our bodies.

All Boomer Babes know exactly what I'm talking about........younger women just don't realize that little by little our society is trying to return us to back alley abortions and attacking birth control is just the start. It makes no sense that most insurance companies will pay for a Viagra prescription, but don't have to cover birth control.

Just like me, I'm sure you've reached your saturation point on the media coverage of the "Rush incident", but please take just a few minutes to sign the petition.

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