Tuesday, April 21, 2009

At the Movies

STATE OF PLAY is a good movie that holds your attention and is reminiscent of "All the President's" men.

Russell Crowe gives a convincing performance as a reporter in search of the truth while trying to find the connection between 3 seemingly unrelated murders. His investigation is blocked by the fact that his former college friend, now a Congressmen, is linked to the murders.

Underlying the story line is the rapidly-approaching death of the newspaper industry as we Boomers know it. Due largely to the Internet, 24-hour TV news coverage and the fact that many younger people don't even subscribe to a daily paper, most big cities, like Denver, have been reduced to a one-paper town.

Rachel McAdams was bland as the new "Internet" reporter looking for her first big break. I loved her in "The Notebook", but for me, she hasn't shined in any recent movie roles.

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