Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Young at Heart

As I gracefully glide into my Golden Years, some days I just feel old.....my knees hurt, I'm long overdue for a dye job and I just can't get with the latest Hip Hop song! I can't understand the words let alone feel the beat.

But that feeling changes in a flash every Tuesday night when American Idol comes on.....it makes me feel young at heart and ready to go out dancing!
I just love that show, especially when the contestants sing songs from my rock'n'roll years like a few weeks ago when they did Motown songs or tonight when Adam Lambert sang "Born to be Wild". It brought back great memories of the many concerts I went to in the '60s.

If that doesn't make you want to jump up out of your easy chair and start dancing, then they better check you for a heartbeat!

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