Friday, April 24, 2009


When I was younger the word "depends" had a totally different meaning -- like if I wanted to do something, it would
"depend" on whether I had done my homework, my parents let me or if I had enough money. As I got older, getting a good job "depended" not only on my education and experience, but mostly on who I knew.

As a retiree, "depends" can mean only one thing. It's a rather personal, and at times, embarrasing issue but since almost every magazine I picked up this week at the doctor's office had an ad for "DEPENDS", I had to write about it.

As we get older, both men and women have this problem, but it seems like no one wants to talk about it -- yet, like the picture; it might be what you need to continue to have the freedom to play and enjoy life.

If you have this problem, don't be embarrased to discuss it with your doctor. Believe me, they have heard a lot worse. I sincerely feel that as we get older we have a choice -- to let our chronological age or our attitude set the tone for our retirement life.

Those who know me well can attest that I've always had an attitude, so it's going to be my attitude, not my age that's going to determine my quality of life as I get older. My favorite saying about age is "Age is just a Number and Mine's Unlisted".

So, how about you -- are you going to let that "number" control you?

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Anonymous said...

There is another one who never tells his age: Napoleon Bonaparte descendant Herbert Benton "Ben" Connor. He never tells his age until he died 12 days shy of 84 years of age. Connor never married and no immediate ancestors.

Anonymous said...

People should say in a primitive way: I am more capable than you.