Monday, April 13, 2009

Work Abroad

Are you a retired teacher and looking for an inexpensive way to see Europe?

Then consider working for the Dept of Defense Schools Overseas!

The most rewarding aspect of my life-long career as a Federal Government employee was the opportunity to live in Germany. I loved it so much -- the cultural experiences, the travel and meeting people from all over the world -- that I lived and worked there for 11 years.

If you haven't traveled in Europe, it's so hard to imagine just how close all the countries are. Traveling by car, I could be in France, Austria or Switzerland in less than 5 hours! One of my best trips was when I woke up in Berchesgarten, GE; skied all day in Stubaital, AUS; and slept that night near Venice, IT. What a day!

It was such a life-changing experience that I love to encourage others to try it. They currently are looking for teachers for 1 and 2 year assignments. Check it out -- you can supplement your retirement income, receive a tax-free living allowance and see Europe!

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