Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Easy Dining

Looking for a fun way to meet new people in your neighborhood?
Then start a monthly EASY DINING Group.

It's sorta like the pot-luck dinners that we all had when we were in our 20s, except that it's really meant to be 'easy' because most people buy whatever they bring. Some nights I can tell that all the food was purchased at COSTCO!

It's usually 4 couples, but we also include singles in our dinner parties. One brings the salad, one the appetizer, one the desert and the hosting couple makes the main dish. To keep the cost down, everyone brings their own liquor.

To get it started, someone in the community needs to volunteer and organize the monthly dinners. Always hold it the same day, like the last Tuesday of the month. You can have a sign-up book in the clubhouse; advertise it in an HOA email, or do it all by email invites and sign-ups.
Last night I hosted and we had an Italian dinner theme -- bruschetta, salad, pasta with meatballs, bread with roasted garlic and an incredibly delicious Italian Almond Creme Cake. The main thing is to just keep it easy and have fun!
p.s. -- It's snowing again!!

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