Saturday, September 27, 2008

Relocating in Retirement

Where do I want to live? That's one of the top questions facing most people when they retire. Florida was the Mecca for our parents and older retirees; so like me, I'm sure that most of you have thought about retiring there at least once. In July 2005, I began searching for my ideal retirement home. I visited Florida (Ocala, Miami, Leesburg), South Carolina (Del Webb Hilton Head) and Texas (Austin, Dallas). It was just too humid for me in the summer in those southern states, so I decided to stay in Colorado. Before calling the moving van, some of the things you should consider are: cost of living; taxes; health care, eduational and job opportunities; living near children & grandkids; leaving family & friends; moving out of the 'family' home; climate, quality of life (theater, churches, sports) and one of the most important, if married --- where does my spouse want to live. I'll be covering those topics in more detail in future blogs. Any questions bugging you about retirement ---- send them to me at

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