Monday, September 22, 2008


Volunteering is very rewarding and helps fill the hours in retirement. After retiring, I found that many charities want volunteers to commit to one day a week. Since I love to travel frequently, I prefer to take on charitable projects. I just led a project for The Crossing, a homeless shelter in Denver with a goal of collecting over 300 toiletries. Our Heritage Todd Creek Red Hat Chapter supported it. I was so excited because the generous Red Hatters donated over 800 products!!! I'm also working with the Make a Wish Foundation ( . Last week I spoke at a Bartender's Competition held at the Thornton T.G.I.F. Friday's. The other project I'm working on for Make A Wish is to get them listed on the back of the Colorado Tax Return which then makes it so simple to donate. Representative Judy Solano is supporting our efforts.
There's literally hundreds of charities that can use your skills, but if you're stumped when looking for a charity to work with, then check out . They match volunteers with charities and help find the perfect fit for your skills.

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