Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Book Clubs

I love to read and was excited to discover that like most Active Adult Communities, mine has a book club. The club consists of 12 members who meet once a month with the hosting member selecting the book. Tonight the meeting was held at my home and since I enjoy knitting, I picked "The Friday Night Knitting Club" by Kate Jacobs. At right, is a picture of my table decorations and the baby blanket I just finished knitting for my niece Cindy. Just like a character right out of the book, one of our members showed up with her knitting and worked on her scarf during our discussion. I always find it interesting to hear what the other members have to say about the book and learn more about them as they reveal personal stories similar to events in the book. We had a lively discussion including what each of us felt was the main lesson of the book. To me, the book emphasized the value of having good woman friends and how at times, those friends are the only glue holding the threads of your life together. The theme of 'follow your dreams' was also central to the book as we see the strong female characters chasing their dream whether it's opening the knitting store, designing purses or making a film.

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Jason Pfeifer said...


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