Monday, October 6, 2008


....sang the Beatles and I can't think of a better title than "LOVE" for the Cirque Du Soleil production at the Mirage Hotel that showcases the music of the Beatles. After hearing about the various Cirque Du Soleil shows, I could hardly wait to see one and I wasn't disappointed. From the minute we entered the theater with the ticket takers dressed in London Bobby uniforms to the high flying trampoline artists, the show was just so electric. The show was created from a friendship between the late George Harrison and Guy Laliberte, the Cirque founder. The production brings together the passion of the Beatles music with the extravagant Cirque production sets to create a visual feast as soon as the music starts and the clouded curtains slide back. The aerial acrobatics performed in sync with the Beatles music were imaginative and colorful. I just sat there in awe as their timing is so precise that they passed within inches of each other as they flew through the air. The energy created by the athletic dancers performing to the timeless Beatles songs left me with such a high. It was a perfect way to spend our last night in Vegas!


Cirque du Soleil said...

Thanks for the nice write-up of LOVE, I'm glad you enjoyed the show!
Cirque du Soleil

Retired Rosie said...

Thanks.....I just loved it!