Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I DID!! After waiting in line for over an hour in the 2004 Presidential Election, I decided to use the mail in ballot option and sent it in on Saturday.
I loved it! I didn't have to wait in line and could leisurely read through the amendents/bills on the Colorado Ballot. BUT I have a major complaint that we discussed at the dinner party last night and everyone felt just like I did. Why can't they write the ballots in plain English? You know what I'm talking about --- where a person of average intelligence can be certain that if I check "YES" then I am voting for the Bill and "NO" means NO. It's so frustrating, because the wording is meant to confuse us. The language on the Colorado ballot for some of the amendments took so many
S-curve turns in the wording that I wasn't sure if my "YES" vote meant I was for it or not.
At this crucial juncture in our history and economy many senior citizens are not going to vote --- I know because I've talked to them. I volunteered for my candidate and spoke to several older voters. They are so confused about who would be the best President for our Country that for the first time in their life many of them won't vote. One of my best friends, Gloria, is in her late 70s. When I was in St. Louis, we had a long discussion about the presidential candidates after she told me that she has seriously thought about not voting. I was shocked and suggested that if she was so undecided about the Presidential candidates, then look at the VPs and give serious thought to which one of them she'd like to see take over the White House. I felt like I talked her into voting. Regardless of your choice for our next President -- it's going to be a history making event! You have 150 hours left before the polls close on Tuesday evening, so get out and cast your vote. It's your duty!

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