Thursday, October 9, 2008

Relocation - Cost of Living

Have you got the bug to move after you retire? If so, there’s several dollar factors to consider other than just the cost of the actual move, which will range from $1800 for an in-state move to more than $10,000 for a cross country move. For a quick cost comparison between cities, check out Sperling’s Best Places at It’s free and easy to use. After plugging in your 'Current' and 'Comparison' cities, the site will give you an easy to read chart with comparisons for food, housing, utilities, transportation, health and miscellaneous. Another great source for info on cost of living and retirement communities is 'WHERE TO LIVE' magazine at
Two factors you should consider before relocating are state income taxes and property taxes as the senior citizen exemption for each varies from state to state. Several states fully tax pension income. I live in Colorado which allows for state income tax purposes a reduction in pension income of the smaller of your income or $20,000 if you are at least 55. The reduction increases at age 65. In Adams County there are significant reductions in property taxes when I reach 65 and meet certain regulatory requirements. When I moved to my Active Adult Community, I used Amazing Moves in Denver - Their prices were in line with other movers, but it was their efficient, courteous workers that impressed me the most and actually made the move a very pleasant experience.

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