Wednesday, October 1, 2008


We went to Vegas to see Cher. After arriving on Sunday we found out she'd been very ill and had missed 4 days of shows, so we wondered if she'd be a no show again on Tuesday night. We arrived early at Caesar's Palace and the crowd was abuzz with rumors and concern if she was better and would appear. When the 7:30 pm start time of the show passed, we all sat there nervously awaiting her cue music. 15 minutes later, Cher made one of her grand entrances floating down to the stage from an overhead silver swing. She gave a fabulous show, sounding hoarse on just a few numbers. She sang many of my favorites including "If I Could Turn Back Time" and ending the show with the crowd on it's feet for "Believe". It just wasn't a typical Cher concert, but a full-blown Las Vegas type show including numerous dancers and aerial acrobatic performers providing a great variety show, but for diehard Cher fans like me I would've loved to see her perform more numbers.

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